4 good enough Reasons to go ahead with the Nuke Deal

The Indo- US Nuke deal, the much debate topic in the Indian circles. So much so that for once every one forgot Rakhi Sawant and shifted focus to the deal! Now, It is alive and kicking again and all thanks to our PM. But although there has been a lot of talking on it but not much conclusive has come out of it. There is still a doubt over the deal, Should we go forward? I give my reasons from going for it:

  1. India has no ‘ minable’ Uranium – Most of [thats very little] which is in Manipur and as you know it is such a volatile state and peoples agitation against it [ ofcourse after being instigated by local NGOs ] has only added to the problems.
  2. India has a huge demand shortage in the power sector – We do have enough coal but sadly its got a huge social cost involved, and Our hydro electric energy scenario is not good either with majority of the projects are not feasible coz of small size and the rest are stuck in protests. Not to mention that they are not carbon neutral.
  3. Confused Indegenous Nuclear Program – A lot of critics have oppsed it coz of the Segregation clause in which civilian and military reactors will have to be seperated and safegaurds put on civilian ones. The positive aspects of this over rule all other negative aspects. right now, the program is in shambles with no transperancy, no acountability of funds, no clear focus, and in short TOTALLY CONFUSED.
  4. Recognition of india as a responsible democracy – India will be recognised as not only a responsible nuke power but also a responsible democracy where we put our national interest over our politicians interests.

SOLUTION : Either go ahead with the nuke deal or invest in research of Fast breeder reactor [ FBR ] program which uses thorium [ India has loads of it ] and makes Uranium as by product.