5 reasons why I, as a youth of this nation will not vote BJP

Indian politics is so dirty that most of us, the young don’t want to get into it. It is not that without reason that our people complain. There is no party worth supporting or even voting for. Every election we pick the least bad one and hope that they do something for us but what we get is even worse than what we had voted for. Just look around and you will see our condition. There are a lot of crappy parties without any ideology and are not even worth considering. But what bothers me is that the only national party we had which could form a good opposition has become a joke.

Here are the 5 reasons to not vote BJP:

  1. Past is gone what we have is the present and the future – BJP is a party of all 80 year old grey haired uncles who know nothing about the present and are so engrossed with history that they forget to look at the present and the future. Guys, how does it make a difference if Jinnah was good or bad or for that matter if Gandhi was right or godse was right?! Will our starving population get food if Jinnah was bad or will our youth get better education if Gandhi was wrong? This is 2009, the time for us to look back and realize the mistakes we have made and move on! The future is waiting but do we still want to be stuck in the past? I don’t think so.
  2. Stop Dividing us! – There is no such thing as a Hindu vote and a Muslim vote. The youth of today are all Indian youth and this is something I firmly believe in. I want peace and am ready to forget the past for that. Does it really matter how many Hindus were killed or how many Muslims were killed in 1947? Or if there is a temple or a mosque or a church at ayodhya?
  3. Hate doesn’t work! – There is no other party which uses this as a weapon of propaganda to gather votes. But ask yourself, does hate really work? How many solutions have come by hating and killing other people? Be it Palestine, or Kashmir or Naxalites or even the so called issue of Ayodhya… hate just doesn’t work. The sooner we realize this the better.
  4. No leader – Who is the leader of the pack? Who gives the final nod to everything that happens in the party? Is it Advani? Rajnath Singh or someone else? And where do people like Naredra Modi fit in? And what’s the role of the RSS in here?
  5. No clear ideology – Are they hardcore right wing or moderates? What is Hindutva? Is it nationalist or only Hinduist? Does anyone know the answers to these questions? I don’t think anyone except the top leadership is clear about what they stand for coz I have tried talking reason to a few of their leaders in Delhi and they don’t talk sense.


The idea of a party called BJP is getting complicated day by day or lets say hour by hour.


First it was Jaswant Singh, then Arun Shorie and now to add to all the mayhem, RSS chief Sudarshan says that Jinnah stood for a unified India! Whats BJP gonna do now? Sack its own parent? Will they have different rules for some and different for the rest?

The party with the difference has always pointed figures at others and said that they are a hierarchical structure while BJP is democratic with no place for family politics. Isn’t free speech democratic? Now when some leaders believe in something which the party does not, don’t they have a right to be not thrown out when they speak their mind?
God, help these guys clear their fundas!


  • isha_vibgyor

    nice 1!!.
    vry tru!!
    .even i dont like bjp!i agree wth ur point!!..they hardly hav ne developemnt sense in them!..i feel they r losers!..

  • Pratyush Garg

    Very good observation.

    But if you would have thought otherwise for others political parties as well, you'll find some what same reasons, for not voting them also.

    Let me explain to you…

    1)Division was done and hatred was spread by Congress when Mr. Arjun Singh instated the quota system in higher education. I was affected personally and this might be the reason why I'm not in IIT.

    2)Rahul Gandhi is the only fresh leader congress has at present, and if you ask me, he is still not prepared. Same is the case with Mayawati's BSP.

    3)What development are you talking about dude? Just move out of New Delhi, and go anywhere else in the country, irrespective of any state government and see for yourself.

    4) Regarding Ayodhya etc. at that time Congress was in the centre and much more would have been done, for saving innocent lives after wards. Be it Bombay riots or any where else.

    5) Propaganda of hate.. umm lets see. Mulayam Singh did what to grab muslim share of votes is evident. Mayawati did for SC/ST share. Its not only BJP who has skeletons in the closet. Marxists do in West Bengal and Kerala. BJD did in Orissa. The list is endless.

    6)Talking of ideology, which party has it? and even if they have, are they following it? you tell me.

    7) Regarding Jinnah, who cares what he was, and what he did? Past is past, and we should stop giving footage to that son of a b****. On the contrary, if some leader from BJP praises him or quote for him some where, every other party has a problem. Is that so? If you think he was a bad person, then why are you glorifying that b******. If you don't pay attention, it does not matter what some one said. But now, you believe it or not, some guy who did not know about Jinnah before, knows him now and because of this wrong publicity, he is confused about the facts.

    There are N reasons I can give you friend.

    The thing is: we have to choose a less poisonous snake amongst them. And I am not sure about the quantity of venom each of them have. It looks same to me. Be it BJP, Congress, Left, regional shit parties…

    P.S: Views here are purely what I think and are not meant to offend anyone.

    Waiting for a reply from you "Nayak".

  • Aditya Kumar Nayak

    @Pratyush First of all, Thanks for the comment. It does give a fresh view of the subject.
    However, there is a common explanation given for all the reasons stated in here. It loosely goes like this ' Coz others namely Congress or the BSP have done it, So can BJP '. I dont agree with this I think that when BJP started out, it was in a different league on its own and morally way above the rest. So, this way of justification just goes to show how low BJP has come. The party with the difference can do better than justifying its action based on the example set by the other non-ideological parties. I have clearly said that I am not supporting any other party then, it doesnt matter what others are doing, right? If Congress is bad, the BSP is bad and so are the rest then, what do we do? vote the lesser evil? and these people keep messing up our lives and each one more 'evil' than the one before. I don’t think it is going to lead us anywhere.

  • Pratyush Garg

    @ Nayak,

    You misunderstood me. My point was not that "Congress etc have done it so can BJP". My point was "They all did it, why blame BJP alone?".

    Secondly, you are correct when you say that BJP had a different league and all, and precisely this was the only reason I supported BJP for whole of my life. Also, I was influenced by my family views' as they too supported them. But now, I am disillusioned by what they did, and what they are doing.

    Now the point before me remains the same, "if not BJP, then who?" Same it was before the public of India in 1970's , "if not Congress, then who?" This we have to sort out. But the fact remains the same, they are not the only culprit and so they are not the only ones to be crucified.

  • Aditya Kumar Nayak

    @ Pratyush I am not blaming the BJP alone. I am just saying that I will not vote BJP even if somebody points a gun to my head. I am not blaming BJP, I am rather disappointed with them coz this WAS a party which came after independence with a promise of change but all they did in the end was break our hope and dirtied the muck even more. How many parties promised you that they will be the one with the difference? These guys did, our people trusted them for 5 years and this is what they give us!
    To address the question of ‘if not BJP, then who?’. The first thing to do to move towards change is to thoroughly accept the fact that we need to move on and desperately want and crave for it. The time is ripe for new parties to emerge, the kind of parties that we actually deserve. And I can already see a few coming up with a lot of potential in them. Look up Jago party and bpd. I do agree that these are not national parties or are not big parties but change is brewing and it is at last showing. Now, when we are desperately craving for change and these guys come knocking at our doors, we have to be ready to join the movement towards an India we deserve. A new India where each citizen is judged by who he is and not who his father is or how rich he is. But the question arises again. How ready are we to accept change? Why give up before even trying?

  • Angshuman

    I completely agree with the viewpoint of Aditya on certain points and have put the following points on his support-

    a) How can a National political party have double standards about its leadership?? Is Advani above the party standards and does he not deserve to be sacked?? We should remember that it is the same Advani who praised Jinnah in Pakistan and was criticised… but the BJP leadership did not sack him….
    b) BJP is not true of its words and that was clearly seen in case of the issue of Illegal migrants in Assam….The party does leave any chance to criticise the Congress party on the issue and when it came to power both in the centre and in the state with its ally the AGP, it played the role of a cunning chameleon to change its colours and support the illegal immigrants.

  • chitra srivastava

    Nither BJP with their Hindutava Policy (which I abhor) And nor Congress with their Socialism will get us anywhere as a country. While BJP is controlled by RSS, Congress panders to muslim Vote. Can we stop seggregating a society that already is so seggregated and talk about economic progress? In India it’s always about having to choose the lesser evil while voting, which is a sad state of affairs.

  • sam

    Idiots will only vote for congress……India was better in the hand of british people than damn congress

  • sam

    You won’t vote for bjp tats doesn’t meant rest of the patriotic youths won’t vote…….BJP better than Congress a lot

  • Srini

    The author seems to sound childish when he asks who is interested in the past -…oho….how about forgetting Independence day and our freedom fighters .Also Aditya says who cares if there is a temple/church/mosque in Ayodhya. can you say the same thing if your house is razed to ground and I build a structure on it and make it mine???

    • http://aamjanata.com vidyut

      I agree with author. Those whose houses weren’t burnt are making more noise for revenge than those whose lives were destroyed. it is ugly politics.

  • Evano oruvan

    AAP ! (Y) AAP is the answer for India’s growth!

  • Abhey Gupta

    None of the political parties are good. But BJP is far better than them. Do you all know that Jawahar lal Nehru was Muslim? If no then search on web. He was a Shia Muslim who changed his name. For our independence bhagat singh died but congress termed him ‘Ugravadi’. i am not in favour of BJP but telling a something that most of the Indians dont know. You should google the information.