God says: I didn’t create Religion. What do you think?

God did not create religion. Religion is certainly not a way to reach god. I had talked about this at length in a previous post of mine called Yeah, Religion is the Opium of People so, I’ll not start about it here.

We don’t need religions. Religions are like fake touts who promise us a divine life but spread nothing more than hatred. Religions shouldn’t exist… Cool, that’s a good idea but how can we realize this vision? I have always tried to talk about the change that each of us can make to the world and how to go about it. And today we are going to find a way to solve religions.

I feel a great way to eliminate religion is to support the liberal religious movements. A significant character; which is also a problem with religions is the restrictions and rules they impose. Keep a beard if you are a ‘good’ Muslim, don’t eat meat on Tuesdays if you are a ‘good’ Hindu, or go to a church every Sunday. Every religion has a million do’s and don’ts and most of them are pointless! But they serve a very important purpose. They help religions keep their followers distinct from the rest and thus, creating a feeling of being a part of that particular religion as their primary identity.

It’s like a Tamil speaking person is more likely to bond with another Tamil speaking person rather than a Hindi speaking one coz bother the Tamil speakers have more in common.
And every time people segregate themselves, there is conflict and when it gets bigger it turns into a war. religion has done exactly that. Look around and you’ll see that all religions are fighting amongst each other. Hindus vs Muslims, Hindus vs Christians, Muslims vs Christians, Muslims vs Jews …. the list is endless.

And what more, the fighting is not just between religions, its also between the various sects of these religions. Shias vs Sunnis, Shias, Sunnis vs Ahmadiyas, Catholics vs Protestants, Upper castes Hindus vs Dalits. And it goes even deeper with sub sects also fighting it out.

But Why? Why is everyone addicted to so much violence? It’s coz they are addicted to religion. Religion is the root cause of all the major conflicts in history and will be for all the conflicts that are yet to happen.

There is only one way to break this cycle of violence. Strengthen liberal religions. Every religion has a liberal movement amidst it. I appeal to you all to support it. Look inside your religion and bring out the liberal element. For instance, Hinduism today is undergoing a series of changes. While one side is getting more radical aka Hindutvavadis the other side is getting more liberal, modern and rational in its approach. And the latter side is incubating a movement called Internet Hindus.

Religions need to be more open and tolerant and that is precisely why I support a ‘religious’ movement aka Internet Hindus. A lot of people have asked me why do I oppose religion on one hand but still call myself an Internet Hindu. Now, you know why. The path to a world free from religious hatred passes through the corridors of liberalizing movements.

I am sure that there are such movements happening in your religion too. So, do something to make a difference to your world. Its is time. It is time to support liberal religious movement. It is time to start eliminating conflicts form this world. It is time to finish of religion. It is time for peace. It is time.

Let’s do our bit to spread peace and love in the world we live in. coz, the time for change is now.

UPDATE: Sadly the Internet Hindus movement has gone off the liberal track and become more reactionary in nature. :(