Don’t block the Internet Hindus: Proud and Unapologetic

CLARIFICATION : I don’t see any need for religion in our lives. I am against religions and still stand by that. The idea of this post is just to shed light on what I feel should be the future of Hinduism ( I like to call it Hinduism 2.0 😀 ). In fact, this kind of overhaul is needed to open every religion and sync them with the times. I also understand that it is foolish to expect religions to just die all of a sudden. So, it is easier if we redefine them and adapt them with the modern world. Here is the post about Internet Hindus. A movement that may lead to Hinduism 2.0
India is changing faster than anyone of us can keep tab. While a lot of new things that emerge out are not really life changing but important nonetheless. But in the last few months there has been something which really has the potential to change all our lives.

It is the emergence of Internet Hindus.

If you don’t know what ‘Internet Hindus’ are, I highly recommend reading this article by Kanchan Gupta. Here is an excerpt from it.

Hindus who are proud to assert their identity and fly the Tricolor high have now found a new platform to have their say, the way they want it, without fear of being shouted down. Tired of being derided by pseudo-secularists in media who see nothing wrong with Muslim communalism and Christian fundamentalism but are swift to pounce upon Hindus for being ‘intolerant’, their cultural ethos crudely denigrated by the Left-liberal intelligentsia as antediluvian, Hindus have begun to harness technology to strike back with deadly effect.

They are bright, they are well-educated, they are not burdened with regional and caste biases, they are amazingly well-informed on national issues and world affairs, they are rooted in Indian culture, and they are politically alert. They hate being told they are wrong when they know they are right. They have a mind of their own and refuse to be led like sheep.

Not surprisingly, they hold the Congress, the Left and regional parties in contempt, as they do journalists who cravenly ingratiate themselves with the establishment. For them, India matters — and matters more than anything else. Meet the ‘Internet Hindus’.

You can read the complete article here Agent Provocateur: Don’t block the ‘Internet Hindus’.

I have reasons to believe that this change is real and is here to stay, coz I have seen them emerge in real time and thanks to Sagarika Ghosh for coining the term (She was seen tweeting that every time the media says anything against Hinduism, a more or less same group of people swarm to the scene and falsify all the lies that the media tries to pass as facts) and in due time, these people came to be known as Internet Hindus.

They soon evolved into a more progressive group with a clear cut defining identities.

There is no such particular definition coz the whole concept is still in a amateurish phase. This is just kind of a direction it is expected to take. I cant really say what the future of this movement will be like but I am sure as hell know that this would be worth watching out for.

A few defining traits of an Internet Hindu are:

1. Proud, Unapologetic, Hindu

2. Deeply Patriotic, Indian, Modern in Outlook and against the kinda of crap that Bajrang Dal and Ram Sena throw in the name of Hinduism

3. Put India First. Always.

4. Hate the Left dominated mainstream media channels, Open to criticism and reason with logic.

5. Not against any community yet proud to be a Hindu. coz Being a Hindu doesn’t make you a Muslim hater

6. Well, educated, well informed and in sync with the current affairs. Debates with facts.

7. And most importantly, independent and firm, they just refuse to be led like sheep by the conventional wisdom

Well, this makes me a partial Internet Hindu, the only concern being I don’t really believe in religion. 😀 😀

But as Swami Vivekananda put it, Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. I don’t know what that makes me. But I am sure, I would rather be an Internet Hindu than by told by Bajrang Dal and the rest what my identity is.

What about you? Can you call yourself an Internet Hindu?

  • dibyabttb

    I am a proud internet hindu, nice post. The youth must realise the real meaning of Hinduism. in fact those who realise are the internet hindus.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) Great to see you there too :)

  • Dibyasundar Nayak

    I am a proud internet hindu, nice post. The youth must realise the real meaning of Hinduism. in fact those who realise are the internet hindus.

  • Aditya Kumar Nayak

    :) Great to see you there too :)