In Your face! Mr. Religious fanatic

“The Haj Committee should be given three-years’ subsidy at one time as seed capital and the subsidy stopped after that,” Manzoor Alam, Muslim Personal Law Board member and Milli Council chief, said.

The government has been trying to end the Haj subsidy for a long time. But finally some members of the Muslim community looked at it through the eyes of reason and logic.

I have always said that each community should step forward to correct their own wrongs. No body else can do it and Nobody else should. There is no point making it an ego issue.

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This move is a fitting reply to every Religious Fanatic who puts religion before everything else. Earlier, I had said that Muslims need to step forward and do something. They did. And the idea of this post is to acknowledge the bold step in the right direction.

Hope our other religious fanatics too learn a lesson. It is time they get a life and keep passing more and more rational decisions like these. :)