Jaago Re: Recognizing the Rise of Indianism

Today’s post is about something very close to my heart which is the Importance of Youth in a Nation’s growth path. But this time I am viewing from the marketing world’s point of view.

But before I start off, do you remember a campaign by TATA Tea called Jaago Re? Chances are that you do. It started off during the elections asking everyone to vote (1 Billion votes) and graduated into an Anti-corruption movement ( Khilana Band Pilana Shuru ). But last month it graduated into something bigger.

It has re launched its portal and not it is a platform that connects all change-wanters and change-makers. ( What’s that?) Okay, In simple words if you believe in a cause and want to work towards a better India, Jaago re will help you find a way to do it by acting as a bridge between organizations and volunteers. Still don’t understand what I mean? check out Jaagore.com . If you did understand, you should still check it out :) Its a cool portal.

hmmm… But this post is not just about Jaago re, its bout this new trend of cashing in on the rising ‘Indianism’ amongst the young generation. Jaago Re was a path breaking campaign coz it proved a lot of stuff for the first time like:

  • Emotive advertising works in India.
  • Youth based advertising can also be on serious issues
  • Today’s youth want change and are willing to initiate action.
  • Patriotism or ‘Indianism’ as I like to call it, is on the rise in Young India

And the most important part,

  • Socially relevant campaigns can lead to huge jump in Brand Recall and Value.

Movements like Jaago Re, are good for both the consumers and Brands coz both of us get what we want. The consumers get solutions to their problems like Voter IDs and the Brands add instant value.

But why now is this happening only now?

I have a Theory for this, which is as simple as ‘The sense of self believe and patriotism is increasing, generation by generation’ and I think it is our generation where this trend has finally come of age.

Think about it, don’t you think a lot more of us from this generation believe that India is destined for a bright future than our previous generation? How many times have you heard the usual pessimist lines ‘yeah Hindustan hain, yahan sab ram barose hain’ or ‘yahan kuch nahin badlega’ in the recent times? I know it does exist but hey, it is not the popular mood right? And I wont be wrong if I say that our generation changed it. :)

Here is an excerpt for Swapan DasGupta’s blog post on India’s youth

It was reassuring that 82 per cent of Indians are basking in self-esteem—the corresponding figures were 79 per cent for China, 77 per cent for the US and a measly 57 per cent for Japan. In 1997, a poll had suggested that some 60 per cent of Indians thought they were better off under British rule.

This higher sense of ‘Indianism’ in the current generation enables the consumers to instantly connect with emotive, India based advertising and that perhaps explains the trend of brands trying to cash in on it. From Mumbai ‘Indians’ to ‘Lead India’ to ‘change begins with an idea campaign’ (Idea cellular) have all been cashing in on this rising phenomenon.(I also feel the rise in new youth political parties like Jago party can also be attributed to this). And not to mention the usual campaigns before general elections (India Shining and Bharat Nirman).

And they have all had a significant impact.
I believe that this trend of India-based emotive advertising is here to stay. But what is more important is the phenomenon it is based on; The Rise and Rise of Indianism.

I am young. I am Indian. I am proud. Are you?

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    Thanks Aditya for mentioning my blog! I was out of station for last 3 days, read it today. Now i am part of Jaagore group!

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      No Probs at all. Just trying to help as much as I can.

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    Thanks Aditya for mentioning my blog! I was out of station for last 3 days, read it today. Now i am part of Jaagore group!