To Litter or Not to Litter? Do whatever but Dont Preach us!

Today’s post is about… yeah you guessed it right ..LITTERING! .. now that wasnt hard was it? :). Well, its basically about the lack of basic public amenities in Delhi like dustbins or even toilets.

How many times has this happened to you that when you ate lets say an ice cream or used anything which had a wrapper or anything else….simply put you were in the need for a dustbin AND you couldnt find one. So what do you do? you either threw it on the road or one of the many makeshift garbage dumps( which is basically a place on the streets which is like any else except that it is where every one puts their litter in.. by mutual understanding of course 😀 ).
Either you are the above mentioned types or you are the model/ideal/rare citizen types who wait and wait for a dustbin and usually end up taking the litter home. Are your pockets full of litter when you reach home? Answering this simple question might help in decided what category you belong too. So what should we do? I know littering is bad and you could be fined Rs.50 (proposed hike to Rs.200) if found guilty. I bet you didnt know that! Not that it is much of a deterrent but the basic idea behind not littering is to keep our city clean. and it is most definitely our duty to keep our public areas clean…

BUT at the same time it is also the duty of the government to provide us with dustbins or rather I wont be wrong if I say that its our right to demand dustbins! What say? Is it right to expect people to roam around with their daily litter? The situation is worse if you have to take a pee. Where do you go? Think over the question. As of now, lets move back to the problem of littering and save the answer for a later post.

By now you must be wondering, that why am I not taking any sides and saying what I think is the right approach. So, let me just say what I feel. The ignorant kinds who through litter on the roads are Irresponsible citizens who deserve punishment. BUT the idealistic kinds who roam around with their litter are Fools who think too much about ideality. So, what is right? I dunno about right but this is what I do.

I set a deadline like 10 min or 15 min for finding a dustbin. If on the way I dont find a dustbin, I throw the litter on the streets. I do it and I admit it coz I am not the idealistic kinds who will go on chest thumping about mera bharat mahan when half the people are dying of hunger. And at the same time, I am willing to change myself to make my nation a better place.
What do you do? Are you a ‘serial litterer’ or the ‘I keep delhi clean types’ ? Think over it. And feel free to comment.