You can now argue in Hindi in High Courts! Yeah!

JUSTICE REKHA Sharma should be complimented for initiating a new era in Delhi High Court when the judge allowed a lawyer to argue in national language Hindi. It is indeed a matter of shame that national language Hindi is not the language of High Court in national capital of free India, that too when Delhi in itself is a Hindi-speaking state. Union government and Supreme Court should take necessary steps to make Hindi as official court-language in Delhi High Court.

Justice S Murlidhar of Delhi High Court has shown admirable path to others concerned when his cause-list starts with a welcome-appeal to members of bar to desist from calling him ‘Me Lord’ or ‘Your Lordship’ etc. Chief Justice of India should issue a firm note directing all counsels appearing in courts in the country to stop using phrases like ‘Me Lords’, ‘Your Lordship’ etc. which are shameful legacy of British regime in free India.

from Meri News

This indeed is great news for all of us. Personally I have no issues with English being used. I just feel that Hindi too should be allowed. I mean why not? How else will a common guy seek justice? And why should even lawyers be forces to learn a foreign language just to expect justice?

Everyone should get an equal chance to speak and argue in whatever language that he or she wishes in, especially in one’s own country.
What do you think?

  • Rollerbladerz

    I agree bt this is sort of like wat Shiv Sena is doin in Maharashtra!!
    Not every in India knows Hindi and it would be unfair to people from other states because if they started use of Hindi in Delhi,then Sainiks will say that they want Marathi in Maharashtra only!!
    N ppl wud b seriously screwed!!! bt yeah,we shud stop the use of My Lord and all that crap!! :)