3 Reasons to stop Supporting Baba Ramdev right now!

I have been debating about this issue the whole day on indiblogger, facebook and almost everywhere. So I thought it is best to just clarify my stand here and debate at one place.


So, what is my problem with this selfless baba who wants to rid India of Corruption and bring back all the black money?

Well, I have no issues with the Baba. But I do have issues with the Baba who is against globalization, believes in a welfare state, who thinks  that Sex education should be banned in Schools and Homosexuality is a disease.

Unfortunately, both these babas are the same person and called Baba Ramdev. And even if you support the first side of him you are automatically supporting the other one too. :)


So what if some of his points are wrong? Atleast something will change.

I understand that the situation is so helpless that even a small glimmer of hope is like a new dawn. Supporting Ramdev is like making a bargain but one that is going to cost us a lot and is totally not worth it. He is only going to get stronger if we keep supporting him and once he starts influencing policy making of this country, all his ideas will start taking shape. Imagine going back on 20 years of liberalization and opening up of our economy! Not to mention more state welfarism will create more issues with the current inflation cycle.

His brand of economics is absurd to say the least, when the world is opening up he insists on closing up our economy. 😀

And issues like Sex education and Homosexuality can simply not be compromised on. Baba is wrong but he has managed to convince millions of other too. A million ignorant people, what a scary thought.


So, Baba is bad then?

I wouldn’t say that. He is just saying what the people want to hear. Yes, I believe that he is making a fool out of everyone. He has just taken the usual Politician bashing (our national past time) to a higher level, added black money and other spices to it and served us some very appealing curry. Just look at his policies and you would know that he is doing nothing more than just making everyone feel good. Things like Swadeshi and State welfarism sound good but damage the nation’s economy on the whole.

He also has a very immaculate timing. Just when the court was about to remove Section 377 but our society was still a bit skeptical and unsure about it, he swooped in with his smart ass comments ‘homosexuality is a disease’ and cashed in on everyone’s fears.

The so called Indian culture that he claims to be preserving and taking forward was very open about sexuality (yes, even homosexuality). This Baba contradicts himself and yet people believe in him blindly? Isnt he making a fool out of every one now?


So what do we do to went our anger?

Well, if we join Baba right now you will be doing more harm to this nation and ourselves than good. Wait for the right moment or better create one. And yeah, all of us get a chance every few years, Lets try not to make a fool of ourselves this time.

I agree that I don’t have a solution to corruption but what I do know is that Baba needs to be stopped. If you think that I am stubborn towards change and thats why I am opposing it. Well, let me just say that slamming the axe on your own foot is just plain stupid. and I am no fool. You listening Baba?


It is time we speak up against him before it is too late. And I would request you to atleast leave a comment if you support this. There is power in numbers and no one knows it better than Baba Ramdev. And if you are a blogger, consider blogging about it. Every one is just blindly support him (try googling him and there is not one constructive criticism of him or his ideas), speak up now and stop negative change. It is time we the people not get fooled anymore. It is time we realize that every saffron clothed baba is not a learned man. It is time.

  • Manish Chauhan

    seems no one support you, not even me.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) Manish, if I was looking for support I would join the direction in which the wind is flowing :) 

  • Anand Philip

    +1 a popular, shrewed religious leader with a knack for opportunism and awful policies. does that sound familiar? 

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Just the religious counterpart of a politician :) Thanks for the support

  • Pangala Nagendra Rao

    Your only point is he is against Globalisation, Liberalisation and so called modern life styles. There are both sides of effects in our lifestyle and economy due to opening all the sectors to foreign investors who come here for business and not for any value addition. You seem to be simply obsessed by urban living style, while fact is that our country is driven by us not by any FDIs etc. Its easy to criticize sitting on easy chair and writing some non sense self opinions but its harder to mobilize such huge population for a cause. And that will be not stop if some one like you barks.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 I respect the scale of the movement that he has created. But can the scale justify its the credibility of the leader? To an extend it does but again a mass leader doesn’t make one right? As I just proved that he is contradicting himself. 

      You are just venting against the system. FDI doesnt drive us, but international trade does. Trading is the primary driver of any economy. And every business is for profit be it Indian owned or foreign owned, simple. 

      It is also easy to follow someone blindly and be a part the herd but takes some effort to think :)

      PS: barking? try doing pranayam to control your anger. trust me it helps


    Thank god you said that you don’t believe in satyagraha. Know i
    understand the whole deal you are one of the people who just form their
    opinions on rumors. People say Gandhiji’s satyagraha made no difference
    in the fight for freedom so you believe it. You should really read the
    book by Louis Fisher on gandhiji. In ramdev baba’s case also you just
    heard somebody saying that he is bad or has wrong opinions and now u
    have formed your opinions based on that without actually probing into
    his character.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Did I? You are putting words in my mouth. 😀

      I said Baba’s Satyagraha cant be equated to Gandhiji’s Satyagraha. Try looking up the dictionary and dont make up stuff :)
      Also PS: I watch Astha channel and have followed his arguments for some time. :) So this is my own opinion and again why do you insist on getting Gandhiji into this? 

  • Adhokshaj

    I completely agree with you. People have blindly believed in Babas in general till the Baba get exposed by some sting operation (possibly by a new baba) and then people get hurt. But then from the ashes, a new Baba is reborn…

    But as you mentioned the main bone of contention is not the Baba system but supporting Ramdev Baba in particular. What people need to understand is that this is just a publicity stunt and he will just renew his mass following (like good old stomach crunching exercise days) and play with more money. I do not believe that fasting is a solution to corruption, as so neta will think, “Lets stop playing corruption corruption and feed our dear baba, who will then be corrupt on behalf of all of us.” Come on! What we need to realize is that corruption needs to fought from within and by a Baba… I have a lot more to say, but it would perhaps then become longer than your blog post. :)

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) Thanks for the support. 

      And you do have a lot more to say, consider blogging about it. :) If you wanna guest post here that is cool too.

  • Jayant Parchure

    1stly, You have not mentioned even once the cause for which he will be protesting. (This shows that you were perhaps so jingoistic to criticize that you didn’t even bother to check the facts) He is basically pitching for recovering the Black Money stashed in Foreign Banks
    And actually Homosexuality IS a disease.. But, frankly we shudnt be concerned with whatever people do in their bedroomThe BIG & important point which we are missing is is we have so many pressing issues at hand like – Inflation, Corruption, Foreign Policy, etc and we r bothering abt nonsensical issues like Homosexuality?? This is nothing more than a diversion..2ndly, He is not asking to undo liberalization, so once again plz research well be4 writing ur article..
    Here’s what his 5 point agenda is-
    (And lastly I am not associated with him or any RIGHT-WING party, as u say, in any way. Am Just a simple engineering student)

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Thats coz I am not opposing the movement against corruption in which Baba is playing a part. I too want corruption to end.

      😀 You think homosexuality is a disease? 😀 did you do some research on this? Simply I have nothing more to say to you on this.

      Although, it looks like Baba has an issue with what people do in their bedrooms as he opposed the Sec 377 movement. 

      😀 Cool with me if you think it is a non-priority. Your choice.He has clearly stated that MNCs are evil and should go. he has clearly said that India should make everything on it own thats against the concept of globalisation. 

      Even if you were right wing, it wouldn’t make a difference to the debate. :)

      • Jayant Parchure

        Go, Jump around in joy.. I have expurgated that “disease” thing..
        Dude, Why are u so obsessed with section 377?”He is not on fast for that”..And Just as u & me wont listen to people telling us what to do in our bedroom.. Their are millions more who don’t.. Why dont u ignore him (& others) on that point.. My support to anyone is strictly issue based.. This time since he’s pitching for bringing black money, I’ll stand by him.. Had he being going on a hunger strike 4 a not so pressing issue like the ones you mentioned. I would have gladly supported you.. But since he isn’t doing that,  think you don’t have enough convincing arguments for why we shouldnt support him on “THIS” issue (of bringing the black money back.)

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          I bring 377 so many times coz if he hadn’t made such a sick statement, I might have been on his side. And also, people like you believe in it and that shocks me :)

          Supporting someone is just a matter of personal choice Jayant. You believe in supporting him based on the issue and I believe that the leaders credibility and principles are the first criteria for supporting someone. Both of us have different criteria and neither of us is wrong. :)
          Just a thought, Will you support Kalmadi if he was there instead of Baba? After all the issue is more important na?

  • Ruhi

    ” Baba who is against globalization, believes in a welfare state, who thinks  that Sex education should be banned in Schools and Homosexuality is a disease.”
    My view on baba is: stick to yoga! Its good to have opinions, express them, dont impose them. But… heck, everyone irrespective of their education/profession just has to super impose their views on economic matters… concerns are good when they come from most citizens, but the baba types scare me! Innocent fools like myself who actually undertake the pleasurable pain to get trained in these matters don’t know whether to laugh or cry when we come across the likes of baba. Baba has a very totalitarian attitude on matters… sweeping statements and value judgements…
    No-globalisation :-O India has been “globalised” for centuries… we used to export manufactures, and import persian goods… the colonial period cut us off, Baba needs to work on Indian history, “globalisation” is very much our culture… Its not just about 20 years. My personal view: globalisation has both positive and negative effects, lets keep the positive and work around the negatives. :)
    Nothing wrong with a “welfare state”, but many things are wrong with an all interfering/controlling state. We want “welfare”, not “state-fare”. Baba into policymaking? I am afraid pranayaam will be made compulsory in schools with morning assembly. Some of us just like being lazy (and that’s our choice), so we don’t want that.
    Homosexuality, sex education: Dear Baba, its our lives, so let us live the way we want, and we have “right to education” 😀 don’t restrain our knowledge. And eh, homosexuality being a disease: Baba should try and read certain ancient texts.
    Good post Aditya!

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Haha. :) Thanks for the support Ruhi. Yeah you are right. Baba should stick to yoga. :)

    • Jayant Parchure

      I think its probably coz, that we had very good examples of BABAs with the likes of Swami NItyanada and Co. coming to the fore.. I urge you for once to look at the facts.. (In the link I have posted below in my individual comment)
      And then decide whether he is just a charlatan w.r.t to Black Money or atleast more thoughtful than u attribute him to be..

  • Indian Homemaker

    Brilliant post Aditya. I support this. You have put so crisply all that I seem to ‘instinctively’ feel about the Baba, including his timing. 

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 haha. Thanks for showing your support. Appreciate it.

  • vadakkus

    Hey, all you people who support the Baba and talk ‘against’ opening up of the economy, hear this: You wouldn’t have had this internet, the fancy computers you type on or even a Maruti Alto or Hyundai Santro or even a job if the economy was not opened up! Think of that before supporting him.

    What do you people want? Overthrow a democratically elected government? Then what? How many of you commentators even voted in the last elections? I fully support the author of this post, though I don’t even know him. Hope some sense comes into Indians.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Thanks a ton Vadakkus for the strong support :) Appreciate it and welcome to the blog. 

  • Kislay Chandra

    Hard , not to agree with your points. I like Baba Ramde, for his Yoga. But as you said, if you support him, you support everything else as well. Difficult decision . 

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) True. As I said before, I like the fact that he has brought yoga :) but sadly he doesnt want to stick to yoga itself.

  • Richa

    Big time AGREE! He is taking one issue on which everyone will agree, namely corruption, and adding all the other issues, which you may or may not agree on,  in to it. The best way of getting yourself elected. And when the results do come, who is to say that he won’t be same as the corrupted politician while imposing his ridiculous ideas?  I really hope we Indians are smarter than that…

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Thanks Richa. Thanks for the support. :) And yeah, I wish we were smarter but again if we were, we wouldnt need a Baba to ‘check’ on the people we elected 😀

  • Nikhil

    well let him campaign for what he believes in. We should focus our energies on opposing bad government policies and not on opposing baba’s bad policies. If our message is stronger than baba’s then people will choose our message over his. No need to fight with baba when he is trying to do something good for the people.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) True. Thats makes sense. 

      But the problem is that he has managed to convince the masses with him. or lets say fool them. There are ppl even in this debate who challenged and said that Baba is right about everything and everything he says about sexuality is right.

      • Abhijeet

        There’s always going to be people who say that, right? By virtue of the number of people that support him already, it can be a safe assumption that all of them don’t support his views on most things, but for yoga and maybe the fertilizer thing. The new “converts” could be the same, right?

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          😀 True. but the percentage of his followers who think before supporting him are very small. An example of his fanatic followers is below your comment called Zander :) People like these dont see any logic or reason but just follow the herd. and thats dangerous for us and the nation if we let that happen. 

          I can see that you support him selectively and that is a good think. And I wish you the best of luck.

      • Nikhil

        I agree. But there are many other arrogant and foolish people who think that Gandhi dynasty members are always right. Same is the case with all the other political parties. Their own leaders are always right according to them. We are ruled by the same establishment that had outlawed homosexuality for more than 60 years.
        Whichever leader you decide to support, you will never get a perfect leader. We have to weigh different issues according to their importance. It would be nice to resolve all important issues simultaneously but unfortunately the circumstances created by the decades of misrule will not make it possible.
        Btw I don’t like Baba’s views on fighting local corruption. I think Anna Hazare is more honest and believable. But I want to see what Baba is able to achieve on the issue of bringing black money home.

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          😀 True. We can never get a perfect leader. And as I said before, it is like making a bargain.

          Only this time the cost is too much. Imagine going back in the socialist era of the 80s. 

          • Nikhil

            The cost is high for the upper middle class and the corrupt ruling elites but socialism implemented by more honest leaders can bring a lot of improvement in the lives of the enslaved working class.

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            First of all, if that is if the working class is ‘enslaved’ it is coz of the heavy involved of the state in the business environment and that is just an outcome of socialism. 

            Socialism just doesn’t no matter how the leaders are. Markets are more efficient and should be allowed to function without the state’s interference. Most of the economic crisis have their roots in state interventionism, even the recent American recession was caused by excessive lending encouraged by the state and its 20 year loan policy. 

          • AKHILESH GUPTA

            Excessive lending encouraged by the state now answer that the state did that without the interference of big business houses, wall street executive,get ur facts right why state did that and how their elections are funded and their responsibility towards big business houses at the expense of lower income group. have a look how they give tax benefits to rich class rather..

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            Not sure what you mean? Are you saying that the state and businesses join hands to rip us off?

            So, you can get rid of businesses but you can reduce the powers of the state. Does that sound like a solution?

          • techiemonk

            socialism seems better than this pseudo growth rates of economy .

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            😀 It just seems coz that’s what it does. it makes everyone ‘feel’ good and ‘equal’. While the economy goes down the drain. 

          • techiemonk

            Indian Economy :
            Nation estimated to have a third of the world’s poor.
            84 crores of Indians earn 20 rs per day.
            Still India shining !

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            Nope, I didn’t say that India is shining but much better than what it was during the socialist days. Don’t you agree to that?

          • techiemonk

            Socialism would have been much better..

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            Well, we already had 40 years of socialism. And we all know how it went. 😀 

          • techiemonk

            may b but still I support equal distribution of nations wealth in equal proportions !

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            😀 So you don’t believe in rewarding people based on merit?

          • techiemonk


            no rewards I talk about equal rights!

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            😀 We are both on two extremes. I am a firm believer in merit. 😀 And hence support markets. :) Success should be earned. Anyways, each to his own :)

          • techiemonk

            :) yup!  extremes

            Merit based system works on principle money earns money,without money no chance honey !

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            haha, thats socialism. Markets reward the smart and deserving. Socialism rewards the rich and elite coz only they can bribe the state while no one is rich enough to bribe the market

      • techiemonk

        Aditya calling fool a mass that support his ideas about black money and pro nationalist reforms doesn’t seems prudent.

      • AAM AADAMI

        This is below deign to debate with stupid like you . First develop basic communication etiquette. Not masses but you are super fool.

  • Jaymin Panchal

    Well u have pointed few interesting things, which might are easily agreeable at first instance. While I will not cast u with any anti names, for such analysis is equally important to get the guys in power or mass following remain grounded.

    And to continue, Whatever u said, can also hold true for the govt – who in its arrogance of getting to power – may shoot out many legislatures – so just because the government was elected to govern, they have right to misrule and misgovern INDIA instead of doing the duties as prescribed in constitution. I fail to understand, why it is assumed that an elected government has right to do anything … on the standpoint of “only because they are elected”

    Just as it is assumed that if BRD’s demand on corruption is accepted, it will lead him to impose other imagination of his, which may not liked by few or many. I can counter this assumption with another assumption, that for imposition of these new demand, he still may need to have public support, for I did like to make it clear, important is support to demand and not the person

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Nope. I didn’t justify the government. I said that any ‘non-elected’ entity or person shouldn’t have the power to overthrow the government or influence it coz that is just like power without responsibility.

      And sadly, he does have support on the other issues. Many people in this debate itself have said that. And against when you support a guy, you support both his sides.

      So, what I am saying is that support the movement against corruption in which Baba is just a small part but dont support him.

  • Anonymous

    Many people have supported so many foolish statements, and foolish things like a mad, by Anna Hajare, by Cricketers, by Politicians, by social activists, film stars and they trust many such foolish things real and have blind faith on them. So, what is so crazy to oppose only Swami Ramdevji! I am not his supporter and I have already published a  article, many days back what I felt right or wrong about him. And even many of his statements I find baseless, even in Yoga too.

    And even I don’t support childish things like hunger strike. 

    About Homosexuality, if  people love to spread what they love to live, let him spread what, he doesn’t feel good. 

    • Nikhil

      There are two ways to protest – violent and non-violent. Hunger strikes are an important tool for non-violent protests. If you think they are childish things then wait till the adult naxals start attacking delhi.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Agree with you. Can you also share the link of your post on Baba? I can add it for further reading on the post :)

      • Anonymous

        I guess this is in reply to me, my comment is not visible here. These are the things which I observed by attending his shibir in my city. Written honestly too. You said,”He is making a fool out of everyone.” This is what I too observed and watching consistently from many years. It’s a bit easy for him, people have faith and he can talk on anything without giving some strong base for it. There are lots more point, I think it will become another post. 

        One more point, don’t worry about his opinions, coz he can change them, if globalization or homosexuality, will going to benefit his popularity. He is teaching aerobics in the name of Yoga. Coz it’s attractive.

        On Indi I read your opinion, he is branding …… this is true and  I saw it. Swadeshi Aandolan was basically by Rajiv Deekshit. He used to talk with facts. Swami Ramdevji, has used this for Advertising his products, nothing secret behind opposing globalization. (This is what my opinion.)

        If you study his site, you will find more and more such things. 

        And this is my article,, in  which I don’t support this hunger strike. People are being fooled by Anna and Ramdevji. 

        I would like to know your views. 

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          Hi Mohini,

          What service did you use to register your comment? Also, did you try changing the view from the top right, may be its just hidden on the next page.Also, you might like to edit the comment as in both the links you gave the link is not accessible with a . and , in the end. :)
          About him changing his opinions, if a leader doesnt stand for something and his opinions are so fickle then he is probably not fit to lead even the people who idolize him as of now. But I doubt this will happen.

          True, he just used Rajiv Dixit for his knowledge, infact he has adopted this model every time. He doesnt really know any of the things himself coz he isn’t really educated so he brings in people who have good knowledge and are brands into themselves and associates with them for instance Kiran Bedi, RSS, Ram Jethmalani etc.

          Although, I didnt have issues with Anna coz his was the first pan India movement in recent times and that is a crucial link if a revolution has to happen in India, it proved that all of India can unite when needed (Remember movements like Jessica Lal and Anti-qouta were mainly confined to the urban centres like Delhi)

  • We Cognize

    Yes, I have always stood by him and supported his welfare work for India. But one day when I heard him talking about homosexuality and sex education, I understood that may be his knowledge about these topics are is nor complete. Specially his view on sex education is far from being comprehensive. As a Guru whom people admire at a national and international level. It definitely becomes his responsibility to educate himself about the opposition’s views completely before talking against them. I agree…
    But I still like and admire him for his efforts which I believe are honest. It is only SOME of his views which are causing a disturbance to us. Remember, he never got an opportunity to get formal education like us.It is his welfare efforts that make him a man who deserves to be respected.
    Should we shun someone only because some of his opinions are not Rational… so all the other good work that he is doing should be forgotten ?

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Nope. And I strongly say this. We should not forget the good that he has done and that is why he is a great Yoga teacher. But influencing a country’s policy is just another thing all together. 

  • ashutosh

    Take a second look from a Bhartiya eye here:

    And please try to read/research more and free your enslaved colonial mentality.

    Om Tat Sat

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Dear Ashutosh, 

      just calling your self a ‘bhartiya’ instead of an Indian doesnt make you a ‘real’ Indian and me a ‘enslaved colonial’ as I have said before what baba is doing is against Indian culture. 

  • Pankaj Jangid

    20 yrs back petrol price was 8 rupees/litre & my father’s salary was 20K. Now my salary is 1L and petrol price 70 rupees/litre. This is liberalization. Sir, it is the other way round; Manmohan Singh and his govt. is making fool out of people, the so called educated people. Listen to this

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 In the 80s India went bankrupt coz of Indira Gandhi’s Socialism, Today our people do get jobs and  you dont need to know a big politicians to atleast manage a decent job which can earn you some bread and butter :) That is liberalisation.

      A lot more needs to be done but we are on the right path

    • Zander

      agree with your pankaj

  • Abhijeet

    I agree with most of the points, but have decided to troll a bit anyway
    Take a looksie, if and when you get time.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Nice post. and you have a great blog there. keep going. And yeah, I have left you a comment on your blog

      • Abhijeet

        I noticed. Thanks ^_^
        Unflag Zander the rabid poster, please. I like reading such stuff. Makes me feel better about myself, I suppose. From context, it seems like he called you gay and thought it’s some grand insult.

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          😀 haha sure, right away. :)

  • Hamsini

    Great post, Aditya! Thanks for opening my eyes. No one should be able to undermine our constitution by means of protest/ fasting/ both.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Thanks for the support. And No one, not even our netas or babas are above the constitution

  • Zander

    ohooo….so you are Homosexual and are afraid that if baba ramdev comes in power or in a state that his infuence on govt. then homosexuality will again considered as crime in INDIA. …You poor chap…HOMOSEXUAL….I understand your feelings .. 😛

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Is that supposed to be insulting? I dont have to clarify to you but I still I will. I am straight but again, does that matter in the debate?

      Again, You dont need to be Sikh to understand that what happened in 83 was wrong do you? or do you have to be a girl to understand that rape is monstrous?  😀 So by the same logic, you dont have to be gay to understand that everyone has a right to decent and respectful life

  • Zander

    fucking idiot….this post is bullshit….stop blogging you Jerk….

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Haha. Do some Pranayam. May be that will help you calm down and put some sense in your head. 

  • Sangitha

    Totally agree.  You forgot the bit about his medicines containing animal matter, not being licensed under the Indian Drugs Act and brushed under the carpet by a government whose head is a follower of this Baba.  He’s also fragmenting the civil society position on the Lokpal bill and saying that the PM does not need to come under its purview.  So he’s not really even against corruption a hundred percent….just that let’s catch the others but let the head be rotten (if a PM ends up being corrupt….we’ve had several of those before this one).

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 True. His support for removing PM from under the purview of the lokpal certainly does raise some eyebrows

    • Anonymous

      Sangitha, medicine issue is very serious. And if any of you know detailed facts, do publish it. Coz people are following him blindly.

  • Amogh Jain

    Agreed.We should try and oppose him,we should let people know how they are getting fooled and lol he seriously thinks that fasting will get back all the black money,just like anna hazare fasting got india rid of corruption lol.I have no idea how soo many people are foolishly supporting him.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 The sad thing is that people compare him to Gandhi and his fast. While they dont realise is that Gandhi did it coz there was no way out but we are in a democracy today and we do have a way out. 

      You cant make a foll of yourself every time you get a chance to vote a decent parliament and then hold it to ransom.

  • Abhijeet

    Its your view and its good that you raised some important points. But its not objective writing. Read it again and you will realise that from the word go this post was meant to create a negative perception of Baba in the minds of the reader. There are many more posts on the internet praising Baba with good logic and support. In fact, I can give a good counter arguments to most of your comments.
    My point is before writing all these big articles try to keep all your intellectual stuffs and prejudices on one side and try to think with a clear mind “what ultimately will benefit my country”. You are trying to idealise Baba on how he should be rather than accepting that’s how he is. No one is. Read about how Anna Hazare ruled his dicator like model village where people were belted and thrashed in public for petty violations.
    All you can do is decide whether to go with him or oppose him. I on my part don’t agree on most of his views but still support his effort as the present government is making a mokery of this country and has gone to an all time low in Indian politics.
    Do you think the issue of homosexuality is that important when billions and trillions of money is just disaapearing without a trace and farmers sucide has reached an all time high? And even if you do,do you think that a big democratic country like India would allow Baba to act on his whims and fancies without public support? The amount of corruption that this country has witnessed in the past 1 year is 100 times more that the total corruption in the previous 50 years. I just hope people get their priorities right and vote this government out of power. And I would support any steps taken to raise this issue whether its Baba, Anna Hazare or any common man.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      First of all, thanks for the indepth reply.

      Yeah, you are right. I dont like him and thats why the tone of the post is anti-Baba. I am not reviewing him but rather just trying to highlight the cost of the bargain. 
      And I did think about what will benefit my country and Baba and his Swadeshi ideas will not. And I will say it again, I am not against the movement of which baba is just a small partbut only against Baba being its leader. 

      If you are serious about getting rid of corruption (like I am ) we can always support for movements like India against Corruption which is not headed by him but is equally effective

  • shubhanshu jain

    You are a capitalist so it’s obvious that you will be against anti liberal policies . Even I m Capitalist so my views are also overlapping with your’s, but concentrated till this point only. Every person is not same and we don’t have people having identical ideologies .So even if i support sex education, sex before marriage, homosexuality, sexual liberty after marriage, wearing bikini in public… As I m very liberal (seriously !) . But on the issue of corruption Even i believe that the money stashed in swiss banks must return back . For that even if I need help of Satan , i will take his help.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Hi Shubhanshu,

      I have said this in the post that supporting him is like making a bargain. Now different things have different values for everyone. I place prime importance to everyone’s right to choice. (thats the first thing on my blog on the right side). But you can have entirely different ones. 
      And as I concluded with Abhijeet, it is okay to support him if you are conscience of the price that you are paying and are comfortable with it. :) After all everyone has a right to choice 😀

  • Matt

    What all I have been reading of the civil society – what all they are proposing in the Lokpal Bill. It just terrifies me. They are trying to alter the fundamentals of the constitution which can eventually bring the whole system down. As far as Ramdev is concerned I agree that he’s trying to cash on the market base he has developed all these years with slowly and slowly increasing his presence in social and political domain.
    He should be stopped.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Thanks for the comment. True, he is just encashing his support base :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, India truly need somebody to take her out of the present predicament, but that is not a Saffron Swami. And the method for that is neither fasting, it should start with the people. Teach them to change.  Also it is true that globalsim and liberalism in India has serious issues, but in the way they are implemented by taking advantage of the masses’ ignorance. So what is this swami going to do there by his top-down approach.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, India truly need somebody to take her out of the present predicament, but that is not a Saffron Swami. And the method for that is neither fasting, it should start with the people. Teach them to change.  Also it is true that globalsim and liberalism in India has serious issues, but in the way they are implemented by taking advantage of the masses’ ignorance. So what is this swami going to do there by his top-down approach.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      True. The people also need to change but I would rather believe that it should be a bottom up approach. The people change themselves first and then change the system.

  • tanveer ali

    I agree totally. Finally a decent article on Baba Ramdev’s circus. I feel he’s doing all this drama just to get a platform to launch his yet to be launched political party.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Welcome to the blog Tanveer. :) And thanks for the comment. Appreciate it.

  • Krish

    If standing up against a just cause is blackmail then what is stashing away billions of unaccounted wealth? Charity?….But if Baba Ramdev’s fast acts as a catalyst, then why not also support him….

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Hi Krish, Welcome to the blog.

      When did I say that corruption is right? I am against black money and Corruption as much as you are everyone else is. My point is that the Catalyst is more evil than good.

  • gautam

    Completely agree.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog

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  • jay

    What the politicians ve done so far ??That s FAR FROM GOOD,at least BABA is offering some resistance in acountry that  has fallen flat to vested interests of corrupt politicians.

    Let s help him get the BLACK WEALTH from abroad which belongs to all of US.

    Baad ki baad mein soch lenge.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) Thanks Jay for the comment. The problem is that agar baad ka baad mein sochenge then it would be too late. Its my personal opinion and you are free to disagree.

  • Krishnamohan

    People elected to parliament – majority of whom are literate know exactly how to run the govt. If they did not, then we made the wrong choice. We can wait till the next election but alas even those whom we may elect can get corrupted when they have the power. 

    Corruption is every where. No can stop it unless they develop good moral values right from the young age. 

    Notes of higher denomination were withdrawn on 1st January 1978 and years later re-introduced. This was because the purchase power has gone down. What 100 rupees could buy in 1978, to day even a 1000 rupee note can not.

    India is becoming united due to TV  – which popularized Hindi. It has done what Late Pt. J L Nehru could not.
    A popular language like – Hindi – more so if it is English can make communication easy and knowledge too would be spread faster. No point in adopting regional language for technical education – India has more than 20 different regional languages.

    The opposition leaders are cashing in on the eviction of Baba Ramdevji from Ramleela grounds and praising him for his tirade against black money.Where were they all these years ?. Were they not aware of Black money till now ?. Baba was evicted because he misused the premises – Instead of confining it for Bhajan & Yoga which attracted the masses, he has made the world believe that they were all there to support him in his crusade.

    If only he had followed Gandhiji’s footsteps by having FAST at the appropriate place with no fanfare and mixing it up with just Bhajans and not Yoga classes, he might have succeeded. Even on 3rd June no Yoga classes were shown being conducted but only talks by various group Leaders who too wanted to come to the limelight and make their presence felt

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Hi Krishna, 

      Welcome to the blog. 

      Thanks for your comments. Agree with them mostly. But why did the government had to evict him only at night? Couldn’t they do it the next morning? The whole timings makes it fishy

      • sudarshan varadhan

        there is nothing fishy about the timing, at midnight you’ll find lesser number of cameras focusing on the swoop-down. in broad daylight, it’d have been a different story altogether :)

  • bharat bhasin

    well , you are so wrong mister.
    The baba’s fight against corruption is totally justified and independent of his views over homosexuality.
    Even in a country like the US where the whole society is so ” modern ” you have conservatives who are totally against Gay rights , so that doesn’t take away the other good things they support .

    This topic of what is right and what is wrong is very subjective and everybody has a different perspective over it , so I dont think that ramdev is wrong.

    As far as closing up the economy to the outside world , there is protectionism of some form everywher in this world , take for example the current state of the IT sector , with countries all over the world cutting down on work visas for IT professionals.So even that is not wrong,as each government would think of its people’s welfare first and then the benefit of forgeiners.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      First of all, when you bring in the US are you using it as a benchmark? I for one don’t. 

      Protectionism does more harm then good. It may appease people and that is why governments do it but it never works in the long run. Just look at India, at the time of Indira and today. 

  • sudarshan varadhan

    yes boss, good post again but i’m with him as far as his anti-globalization stance is concerned. if there is one reason that elucidates india being rich and indians being poor, one reason for 77 percent of the ppl living below the poverty line, one reason for the humongous scams, its the bloody economic reforms of 1992! and the whole world is opening up bcos the rich dictate terms and convince the ignorant masses that they are on the r8 track. they’re no different from the baba, they cheat ignorant masses! who cares abt the sensex rise and the market upsurges, when 1.15% of india’s total population only invests in the stock market? what is the point in gdp and per-capita income rise when 99% of india’s wealth is in the hands of 1% of the total population? 

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Opening up the economy doesnt mean sensex but less restrictions on trade. And trade creates jobs everywhere. Every country produces what it is best at. Simple. Like India is good at IT, so every country buys IT products from us and similarly we buy products which can be produced more efficiently everywhere. It’s called specialization of labor. 

      And what Baba also believes in the power of the state. The more powerful the government, more corruption there will be. Its just governments are. No government can ever be honest.

      btw its not 77 but 37% below the poverty line. 

      • sudarshan varadhan

        haha 37% is an optimist’s joke. the UPA says anyone who earns more than 20 bucks a day is not poor. hence that figure. true analysis has led to the real 77% result. and i never said opening up means sensex, i just pointed out that the sensex doesnt mean anything, definitely not economic development. and trade creates jobs everywhere? india is an agrarian economy. more than 50% of us depend on agri for a livelihood. has it opened up the agri market. it hasnt and it cant, cos its designed to be that way. IT and computers were always alien terms to the common man in india, so the IT people of today are the ones who have been educated over the generations. the affluent have remained affluent, the educated have added more feathers to their already overflowing cap. and india is good at IT, so every educated person, every rich guy looks to strike gold in IT, what do the ignorant masses who haven’t seen the face of the computer do? the IT people earn lakhs which has in turn increased their spending power. this has lead to inflation and real estate boom. these IT people are all over the city now and are willing to pay a ransom for a piece of land or as rent. this has forced the poor to step back into the economically darker zones. just compare the number of people who are beneficiaries of IT and that of agri. even i want greater power to the state, decentralization to an extent. this will increase liquidity of the resources. and i don want an open economy simply bcos there’ll be too many sources of corruption! 

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          Well, its just what you want to believe in. 77% can also be a pessimist’s joke. 😀

          I have never argued that sensex does, So are you saying that only the sensex has gone up while no new jobs, rise in per capita, better infrastructure, higher salaries has taken place?

          Lets taken an example of the auto industry. We no longer have to use a rusty old ambassador coz now we have a lot cheaper and much much better cars in the market. Simply coz more international companies were allowed to enter. And some found the country favorable and set up factories and hubs like Hyundai in Chennai (now its moved to Turkey coz of the political tamasha) and R&D centers like GM, thus creating a lot of jobs.

          The think with open markets is that only the best survive, so every country does what it is best at and the global economy becomes more efficient.

          • sudarshan varadhan

            give them a way to come up the economic ladder? where is the chance? given a  choice, where’d u buy vegetables? a simple shop on the street or reliance fresh? obv, reliance fresh, bcos its air-conditioned and they can afford to subsidise a wee-bit, thanks to their financial might, just enough to shut the door on the road side vendor. these corporates are too big today, in terms of fiscal muscle, they can do a zillion things the road side vendors cant think about. open economy is actually not open, it shuts the door on the poor. and how do u open up the agri sector? and competition? these people can’t afford competition boss. its like a cricket match between india and canada, its horribly one-sided. and guess u don know the truth about gujarat. the benchmark for corruption is hilarious to say the least. i will give u a link elucidating the plight of the farmers in gujarat, gimme tym. agri is over-burdened, so what do they do? they don know anything else, a poor low caste guy born in a village doent have education so he’s not exposed to anythin other than agri, where do they go?? and pls, socialism is not about alms! even nehru was a socialist! and ur link justifies whateva i said. do u seriously believe that 20 rupees per day is enuf for survival? can u get thru a day with 20 bucks? new jobs and opportunities have come up, yes, but its the ppl who have been receiving it over generations who’ve been the beneficiaries. the ppl who havent received it over the years, the ppl who also deserve the same, havent got anything! per capita is the gdp divided by the population. it has increased bcos gdp is increasing and the gdp is incresing becose the wealth of the rich is incresing exponentially. yes we have a lot cheaper cars but the poor are still not able to afford them. the cars are getting swankier alright, but still 17550 farmers commit suicide every year and this doesnt include ppl who die of hunger! the rich bcum richer and the poor become poorer. in open markets, the best don survive, the rich survive. simple as that!

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          Similarly, if the agricultural sector is also opened up, it will become a lot more efficient coz it will have to compete against the world. 

          From your views on the IT vs Agri issue, you sound like a socialist. It is not about giving everyone alms? Thats what socialism does. It is about survival of the fittest. Do what you are best at and you will be the fittest. The problem is that agriculture is over burdened and more labor force needs to move to other avenues.

          Haha, so you are going to blame people for being successful? 

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          Arrey Open economy doesnt breed corruption, closing it does! Alright imagine this. The bigger the state, more the rules. More the rules the more chances of blackmailing in the hands of the bureaucrat? Hence more corruption. Simple.

          and liquidity of resources? People need chance not charity. Give them a way to come up the economic ladder and not distribute resources to everyone (even the people who are sloppy)

          And an open economy gives everyone a chance, while a bigger state puts hurdles in the way of people and as always the rich can buy their way out  so the ppor will suffer. 

          Look, I understand why you feel this way. Socialist ideas sound great but dont work in the long run. 

          A perfect example right here in India is Gujarat where the state’s motto is ‘lesser government, better governance’. The states manages the law and order and basic governance while letting the entrepreneurs to do business freely. (wrt rest of India)

          And you can check up the stats for Gujarat, poverty is way below the national average

  • kk

    First know the facts before you critisize. Sitting in ivory towers without understanding the trauma of life, is easy. What has your so called globalization to do with the demand for plugging corruption? Seems we are happy to be robbed and love to live as people borne in debt, leave in debt and die in debt.
    Only those who have easy money and never seen hard life will comment against such cause which is taken up by people like Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Kiran Bedi, Baba… not for self but for common Indian. And even if in your view it is otherwise, at least they are doing for a good cause. Yes the same grudgers will be ready standing first in the line to grab the benefits once we get the results. Even if that be, wish the best for the movement than condemning the cause. Be serious at least some time. 

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      :) Thats a sad presumption on your part. But again, claiming that people understand life more just coz they were born in a lower income household. Doesnt make sense. 

      Understanding the hardships of life comes when you face the issues no matter what household you were born into. 
      What has your so called globalization to do with the demand for plugging corruption?Every Single Indian ‘DEMANDS’ that corruption be stopped. So what if Baba is also doing it? Demanding is easy, execution is difficult. Let him come win the support of the people, form a government and execute his blabber speech! Your comment?

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Condemning the cause? Read the post. I have condemned Baba and supported the Anti-corruption movement. I am strongly against corruption, read my blog and I have written a lot against it in the past. And unless, you mean something else when you say ’cause’ almost every Indian is with the cause. The debate is on the ways to achieve it. Baba and his antics dont serve a purpose and his ideas are flawed.

      And read my comment to Sudarshan below yours, ‘The more closed an economy is the more corruption there is.’ Be serious atleast for some time and think before you act

      And again, Anti-Baba doesnt mean Anti corruption!

  • Ashish Deodhar

    Hi Aditya

    I agree with you that his politics and economics is regressive but I also don’t think that the current drama he has staged is any good or potentially beneficial. It is wholly undemocratic and sets a wrong precedence (if Hazare’s campaign hasn’t already!)

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      hmm. Thanks for the comment. Definitely it sets a bad precedence 

  • chandra bhushan

    Yes Homosexuality is a Disease and we should bann sex education in schools and I belive Baba ram dev is right at his each and every step and Nikhil is right we should focus our energies on opposing bad things first.This is the time we must select the fairer peoples not the show white only………

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Haha, you should probably get your facts right. If you believe that homosexuality is a disease and Sex Education is bad, I have nothing more to say to you except wake up and smell the reality. Get a life!

  • Prashant Kumar

    satyagrah and fasting .. is for FOOLS …. intelligent citizens VOTE … in a democratic society … “– Dr. BR Ambedkar

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Nice one. Wish more people understood this

    • techiemonk

      “Zinda Kaumein Panch Sal Tak Intjar Nahi Karti.” :- Ram Manohar Lohiya

      I am smart enough to never submit my freedom for 5 years !

  • preethi sa

    It is sad and surprising that someone who does not wish to have a rollback to the economies of the 80’s, would prefer to undo the fruits from agonies of a century ago. History is as much a part of social science as economics. Though many of us would rather bunk these classes, they do give us something we can learn from. And one more thing, if there is little truth among much lies, it is not right to say one will ignore the whole thing. That would be real blindness. I shall not support Ramdev, but I am all for Swadeshi. It is great.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Baba might be undoing what the British did but he is also undoing what the Ancient Indians did. India had always been the land of freedom and choice untill the invaders came

  • Anonymous

    Aditya still i don’t find you convincing as taking about Welfare State ,Economic Reforms,homosexuality doesn’t turn any one villain for a simple reason that one doesn’t agrees with him over these issues .
    I personally don’t believe and follow any one including Ramdev but I really appreciate the awakening which his movement brought in India regarding clean and transparent governance.

    Moreover his movement may turn him strong but if a success will also add to progress of this country .

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      First of all, Thank you soo much for all the thoughtful comments. Really appreciate it. It feels good that some one understand your talk and then comments instead of just impulsively slinging mud at you. 

      The movement is not just his, he is just a part. And as I said before I support the movement against corruption, it is Baba that I dont like. And a leader’s views are very important for me and reflect the cognitive of his followers 

  • mahendra gurung

    baba is good in what he does best thats yoga. so why dnt u do ur thing and let other handle the situation.  Nigamanand baba died cos everyone was after ramdev and he was on annsan for a reason. ramdev is just a media seeker.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Welcome to the blog, Mahendra. Yeah, you have made a very valid point. Baba is a media seeker

  • sai

    Yes I like Aditya’s comments and opinion towards Baba. But Strongly DISAGREE. I Support Baba strongly and believe becasue he genretated the faith in ppl through his work and dedication for the nation and world. You can go and know from the ppl who could not afford for any treatment or could not get rid of the critical disases through any way, How Baba through Yoga training helped them heal and self-recover. I liked your comments and want you to gain more support through that a BIG opposition for BABA would develop. And then there would be a war of good opinoins and BAD opinions and as per God/Nature law the Truth/Good shall win

  • Yatin

    The answer is long but you should read it to get my point…

    You have basically referred to two things here, i don’t know much about homosexuality that is why i would not comment on it. The second one is about economy. You are right that we live in a world of globalization, according to that we should allow other companies to enter in our country.

    1. But do we really need them, no we don’t. We call ourselves so developed yet we can’t produce soaps, and now days foreign companies give us pure water, we can’t produce that also. 

    2. The major thing helpful for society in case of business is competition, now imagine the foreign companies have capital in dollars which is 50 times more powerful that rupee, that is you fighting with khali, its not impossible to defeat him but damn difficult. If they are able to kill the competition by lowering there prices to an extent where the poor competition decides to close his shop, then people will have no choice and can be exploited by their new hiked prices, which is all going on now like we purchase 5000 rs shoes which were earlier available for 500rs. That’s a very high increase, the agricultural sector which is not controlled by foreign companies there you get potatoes for may be 20 rs kilo which were earlier 10-15 rs that’s not a great increase, and that too when the middleman make so much of profit. Any foreign company who come here will increase their prices very much that’s for sure, because they measure there profits in dollars. Think a Indian businessman making a profit of rs.1,00,000 per month, it is o.k for him, but a foreign business making such a profit, for him it is only 2000 dollars. So he will increase the price definitely to make his profit more in dollars.

    3. For the second point there is a counter point even if the domestic businesses is shut down, the owners of that business will do a job in those foreign companies, first of all think what would you prefer a relaxing business or a tiring job, well i would want a business. Even if you choose job those companies are not fair, they take full advantage of you and pay you half the amount which you can earn through business. So more work less money, you can call it slavery in other words. You will say that big companies of India also do that. First of all big companies should not be allowed in basic things like clothes, food and shelters, they should be allowed in luxuries like vijay mallya in airlines, a small business man can’t open an airline. But in case of foreign companies, there profits after deduction of tax are mostly taken out after reinvesting a part of it and spend there but Indian company owner will buy a home here, a car, will eat here, buy clothes here, all his spendings after reinvestment in business will be here which would create more employment and business opportunities. 

    5. When do you take a loan or help ?  When you don’t have money yourselves or don’t have technology. We are not underdeveloped, we are good to take care of our basic needs ourselves and technology is only little behind. Take all the foreign companies in India none of them is related to technological advancement, they don’t produce missiles or some super computers, they produce soaps, hair oil, shampoos funny.
    Even they are exploiting us in that also, they mix harmful chemicals in all of that, which affects our health, this is highly disturbing and a very severe fact. You know the cold drinks they sell abroad are less harmful than the Indian ones. They sell medicines for experimenting on us, they consider us as rats in a laboratory, e.g Bhopal tragedy.

    6. In fact this whole globalization has no base, foreign companies take a large amount of our money in there country, increasing there countries money reserves. In a world where security and power of armed forces, nuclear weapons is foremost important, a powerful country should always be good in there defence and attack. This defence and attack is directly related to the richness of that country. If we are poor we would not be able to build a strong force, that is why globalization is crap, every nation should try to be more and more rich rather than giving money opportunities for developed countries, and we have one of the biggest market we can achieve that in small time. Remember we can’t even catch a small terrorist in Pakistan but America killed Osama in one go.

    If you don’t like Baba Ramdev don’t follow him, but be clear of what you want and is it right for the country and change your country.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Thanks for your comment. Appreciate the time you took out to write it. Let me answer them one by one.

      *” **But do we really need them, no we don’t. We call ourselves so developed yet we can’t produce soaps, and now days foreign companies give us pure water, we can’t produce that also. ”
      It is not about need. It is about markets. Any company be it Indian or foreign is just concerned with profits. We can produce everything but should we? The product that is most efficient rules the market, the choice should be in the hands on the consumers and not the state.

      *”**now imagine the foreign companies have capital in dollars which is 50 times more powerful that rupee”
      This doesnt make sense. Its like saying I have 1 rupee and you have 100 paise, so you are richer. (ofcourse discounting currency fluctuation)

      *”** **where the poor competition decides to close his shop, then people will have no choice and can be exploited by their new hiked prices, which is all going on now like we purchase 5000 rs shoes which were earlier available for 500rs.”

      Really? It is demand that drives the supply and not the other way around.
      If they raise the rates again and there is still demand for the cheaper
      shoes, some firm will enter the market with cheaper ones. Thats how markets

      *”**So he will increase the price definitely to make his profit more in

      Bro, he can not! Thats the principle of markets. This only happens in a
      state influenced economy like ours. If the foreign company starts making
      supernormal profits then other firms will enter the market and lower the
      prices. Like how it happened with Telecom and auto sector in India.

      *”**First of all big companies should not be allowed in basic things like
      clothes, food and shelters, they should be allowed in luxuries like vijay
      mallya in airlines, a small business man can’t open an airline.”*

      Doesnt make sense again. Who is keeping the ‘small’ businessman from
      becoming ‘big’. nothing. Work hard and get your airline. the only reason
      why teh rich stay rich and teh poor remain poor is coz of state control.
      Mallya can buy poliical clout while you and me cant. See how he managed to
      secure funds for his airlines even though it doesnt make commercial sense.

      *”**When do you take a loan or help ? When you don’t have money yourselves
      or don’t have technology. We are not underdeveloped, we are good to take
      care of our basic needs ourselves and technology is only little behind.
      Take all the foreign companies in India none of them is related to
      technological advancement, they don’t produce missiles or some super
      computers, they produce soaps, hair oil, shampoos funny.*
      *Even they are exploiting us in that also, they mix harmful chemicals in
      all of that, which affects our health, this is highly disturbing and a very
      severe fact. You know the cold drinks they sell abroad are less harmful
      than the Indian ones. They sell medicines for experimenting on us, they
      consider us as rats in a laboratory, e.g Bhopal tragedy.”*
      What do you mean when you say we or they? What is India? Is it the
      government? Think about it.
      Btw good luck living with this attitude. Yes, it is a conspiracy by the
      world to force us to buy infected goods and we are so dumb that we keep
      buying them. 😀 This is funny.

      *This defence and attack is directly related to the richness of that
      country. If we are poor we would not be able to build a strong force, that
      is why globalization is crap, every nation should try to be more and more
      rich rather than giving money opportunities for developed countries, *
      A country doesnt become powerful by having a strong military, thats just
      the by product
      *and we have one of the biggest market we can achieve that in small time. *

      yet, in 40 years you couldnt do nothing while, just in 15 years we have
      turned around the country.

  • manoj

    i would just like to say that what he may be in his life but at this time we should have to support him for a better future

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  • Toton

    Thank’s I’ll thought the same.

  • Munish Chandel

    2 years down the line, i can see that there is a flaw with your approach to ramdev’s points. You mentioned that “Things like Swadeshi and State welfarism sound good but damage the nation’s economy on the whole.” Do you still keep the same views when 1 Dollar is equal to 62 Rs, The only reason is the imbalance between export and import (Financial Deficit). if there were more swadeshi then this situation should not have arrived. isn’t it ? Today Ramdev is exporting his prodcuts to outside worlds and contributing to strengthen Indian economy by promoting the swadeshi within the nation.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      State welfareism is the reason why the economy is in a mess. From nrega to rte, the UPA thrives on subsidies. Baba supports such a policy

      • Munish Chandel

        If you check the statistics then state welfare-ism contributes a little for economy depreciation (of-course oil, fertilizer & food subsidy have some impact). Its simply lack local market which is the reason. If you check the balance of export and import, you will find that it’s urban population’s (not rural) consumption that requires the country to import goods (Consumer electronics, gold, clothes, vehicles, gold, cosmetic chemicals, oil) and there is no local mechanism to produce the goods. In last one decades thousands of local business’s are shutdown leaving no competition to foreign players. If 80% of the country are poor, they need to be supported to some extent but policies should be fool proof. All the natural resources come from villages, cities are just money making machines and we do not pay for the air and water that we breathe. So in way we do owe some money to people living in J&K (for water and air), Uttrakhand, Himachal, Punjab. If you put all blame of market depreciation to State Welfare ism then its bad, when in reality its much much less than 50%. Its the consumerism (per capita consumption ) that is causing sickness to our society be it of Money depreciation, poor rich divide, or healthcare related. At the moment 80% Indians are living on bare minimum resources and rest 20% has caused all the illness, the time those 80% start consuming like an average US person, the country will turn into hell where there will be no space on roads, no place to breathe fresh air, all rivers will go densely polluted, and many more.
        Ramdev talks about sustainable solutions, and if you see his work its all good for the nation. If you go by intentions then also he is a good person. If you just go after his words and conclude something then that’s immature decision. His help to country and its economy is enormous (promotes zero budget organic farming to thousands farmer, promotes A2 milk over Jersey cow milk which is main cause for diabetes, promotes yoga and pranayam which stops cancer and heart illness at the very root, asks people to grow herbs and thats better than asking people to work in life sucking factories, buys cow’s urine at 14Rs per litre, sells products at much lower cost (28 rs per kg wheat, 100 rs per litre mustard oil, 38 rs per 100gm toothpaste, and many more which is 20-30% less than market price))
        I think you need to revisit your Ideology and statistics if you really looking for a better nation.

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          Sure. I assure you, I will always debate with an open mind.

          Where can I verify the facts that you have used? Like “State Welfare ism then its bad, when in reality its much much less than 50%.”

          Economies don’t grow with the state or collectives doling out benefits but by entrepreneurs and people solving existing problems. The state cannot promise what it doesnt produce. It takes taxes from us to return a fraction of it to us as a favor.

          But what the state can do, is guarantee an Individual’s liberty. You or the state does not have the right to decide how an individual chooses to live his or her life.
          They very fact that Baba Ramdev is able to reduce the price of milk and other things as you mentioned is because of a certain degree of economic freedom. Infact THIS is how economies grow, when people like you and me and baba solve a problem and disrupt markets but not when they preach that their solution is the only right solution. Hope I have added some clarity.

          • Munish Chandel

            state programs like MNREGA and Diesel Subsidy has been exploited by corrupt & greedy and hence become an burden on the system, but certain state programs as Mass Transport System (Railways), Subsidized food for poor (BPL), Education, if these are handed over to private sector without strong policies in place then these will increase the divide between rich and poor. Mumbai Rail transport almost runs for free (5 Rs ticket can make you travel for 5-7 KMs) makes poors life easy, if same is handed over to private sector, then demand and supply will decide the price. Same is the case with Real Estate.
            regarding the top 10 burdens that are causing Financial Deficit, you can google for list of categories that fit big into 70 Billion dollar Deficit – I had seen the stats sometime back in the EconomicTimes and the list constitutes around 20-30% items that are part of state welfare program (fertilizer, oil subsidy were part of that 20% items) not more than that. Unfortunately I am not able to recollect the link but it should be easy to find.

            Regarding A single person’s opinion (Ramdev in this case), different people have different opinion and people should respect other opinion. In Democracy no one can force his personal opinion onto masses – that’s not at all possible. Even two close friends may have difference in opinion over certain problems and that should be perfectly fine, they can still respect each other ? Its more like India is a country of different mindset of people – diversity of culture is huge in this nation compared to any other in the world – but still people feel connected to each other. Who says that Ramdev is a perfect person – not even his follower will agree to that, but we should weight a person with all his work/intent/knowledge rather than just picking up few points which have least impact.

  • RadhikaGB GB

    I have a question for you.
    Do you will allow your child to drink alchhol?
    i think all of gurdian said no….

    Baba is correct and we should support him to make india great country.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      The idea that you have to ‘allow’ a child is where the problem is. You don’t own him or her.

      • RadhikaGB GB

        So by means?

        • Aditya Kumar Nayak

          That means that stop controlling others. Even if its your child. The choice lies with him to decide his actions and not with you.

          • RadhikaGB GB

            I think you should ask your father about your behavior.?

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            That’s the exact problem I am pointing out. When parents think that they own their kids, problems start. It’s a duty and a responsibility and not a right. This attitude leads to things like honour
            killings where parents think their kids actions are a threat to their reputation and it is okay to kill them for it. This has to stop.

          • RadhikaGB GB

            i think you should get medical treatment….
            Your parents should shame on you…

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak


          • RadhikaGB GB

            THATS GOOD !!!

          • Aditya Kumar Nayak

            Ignorance is bliss :)

  • anjali Sharma

    Yes, I m 100% in ur support. I have seen many people in my surrounding supporting him blindly so I was just finding points against baba ramdev to open their eyes. Ur article helped me so much. I hope that others also understand this.

  • Venky

    I am in total agreement with you. I am reminded of Alvin Toffler’s warning that as globalization takes place and world moves forward to newer technologies, there might be people who would want to upset the apple cart and time travel backwards to spend a idyllic life.


    Little knowledge is dangerous thing that’s what your diminutive mind is suffering from . let me put things in perspective with one example . Non violence is good things but to punish culprits it is necessary so that masses can be kept safe. Similarly when you are poorest country and with billion of peoples & don’t have even 1% of organizations that can stand in top 500 then you need to revisit your policies . US , Russia , China work for their state welfare not humanity or world . India is poor and to safeguards interest of poor and hungry people BABA policies are absolutely right . your thoughts are better on killing them noting else. If you have any sense even as much as rat, go to first world economies are ask them to stop exploitation of poor and underdeveloped / developing countries. In name of globalization demented like you are supporting sell of poison to poor and tolerant Indians.