Esya 2011: IIITD’s first TechFest

New things are always good and especially when you are a part of it. The past month has been so much fun and hard work both for me personally and for everyone else involved with the TechFest.

And why is that? Well, coz my college, IIIT Delhi is organizing it’s first ever technical fest from 3-4 September and it is always tough getting things started. But it has been really fun and we now almost a week away from the fest. Everything is running in high gear and here is a brief info about the fest.

Esya is about exploring the pervasiveness of Information Technology in all spheres of life. That makes it a unique tech fest that concentrates on Information Technology while involving a large variety of events. We want to provide an opportunity to the most innovative and the most brilliant, by providing industry guidance and promoting collaborations among students; we want to provide a platform where the most brilliant minds can showcase their skills, talents and abilities; we want to celebrate innovation and leet-ness, creativity and resourcefulness, talent and excellence and we want to do it in as many ways as we can – gaming, programming, debugging, quizzing, designing, movie-making, developing B-plans, developing mobile apps, debating and more.


The fest has a lot of interesting events but one my favorites is Prayatna which is the Social Entrepreneurship event.

This event provides you an opportunity to come up with technically as well as socially sound innovations and solutions that stand a chance to conquer the challenges we face today. So start out on a journey of great ideas and come up with solutions which could perhaps define a better tomorrow.

If you have a Tech Solution to a an everyday social problem here is your chance to show case your idea and win some cool Cash.




Esya: Official Page