Freedom Team of India: Your chance to make a real difference

Have you always wanted to do some real action to change India? Have you ever wanted to clean politics? Are you a liberal? Well, here is your change to make a real difference to the system. The Freedom Team of India.

The Freedom Team of India was started in 2009. Here is how they describe themselves:

FTI is a not-for-profit trust created on 1 July 2009. Its primary objective is to act as a forum for policy, strategy, and leadership development to promote the freedoms of the great peoples of India.

Members of FTI are committed to contest elections in India in due course, with appropriate preparation.They hope to offer their leadership to India along with a set of world-best policies, thus seeking to directly contribute to India’s governance. It may be noted that FTI is NOT a political party. Such electoral activity, when it occurs, will be carried out separately and not under FTI’s banner.

The most striking thing about FTI is their clarity about contesting elections. I have always believed that politics is a very essential and powerful tool to inspire change and th system can not be changed without changing the state of Indian politics. Although, everyone talks about how bad Indian politics is but not many people dare to enter the murky waters of Politics. The fact that these people have committed to doing so, does say a lot about their resolve.

Another thing that I like about them is their focus on developing leaders. There is definitely a leadership deficit in the current system and that is not good. India needs visionaries who can give a direction to the restless young India and leaders who can inspire the masses.   The new India needs  strong leaders, and this is a welcome step in the process especially considering that many of these people will be walking the corridors of power in the near future.

The sad part is that you need to be 21 to be a part of the team :( but I guess the age restriction does make sense.

So, what are you waiting for? This is you chance to change India. Make a real difference. Join the team!

Image credit: FTI

LINK: Freedom Team of India

  • http://twitter.com/Aagan86 Agnivo

    Sounds really exciting and inspiring….but with all the muck in the system, debugging it will indeed be a tough job. Although i am not being cynical (i believe in my heart we can) it will be very difficult to make a niche for the movement

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Yes, it is difficult but possible. Miracles happen to those who believe in them. :)

  • http://twitter.com/amoghjain Amogh Jain

    If people are dedicated enough,sure we can change India,make it a better place.The age restriction is indeed the sad part ,I’ll have to wait for quite some time.how does the age restriction make sense? If someone is passionate enough,the age shouldn’t really make a difference

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      It makes sense coz the idea is to develop leaders and enter politics. And you can’t contest elections before 21 anyway.

      • http://twitter.com/amoghjain Amogh Jain

        oh yeah that way it does 😀

  • http://ruhisonal.wordpress.com/ Ruhi

    That’s really wonderful Politics requires a huge amount of commitment, political parties tend to demand loyalty even if the party stand goes contrary to an individual member’s beliefs… FTI looks like a great platform. Thanks for sharing.

  • Allwyn

    hey Aditya I’ve been following FTI and Sanjeev’s blog for long now. You joined the team yet?

  • Allwyn

    oh ur name is der on sanjeev’s blog i noticed now.. awesome den. all d best.

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      But I am not a part of FTI. 

      • Allwyn

         oh i thot ur name was der!! sry confusion again I should have confirmed ..anyway you thinking of joining?

        • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

          Not right now. I want to be financially stable before I start something like that. Although I am working on nextgenindia.com in teh meanwhile

          • Allwyn

            i’m on the same lines but then the team is quite small now so they’ll most probably contest the 2019 elections. So it would still make sense to join now and attend their conferences and events and prepare to fight the elections.Think about it. In the meanwhile I suggest you read the book ‘breaking free of Nehru’ free pdf available, just google it. It explains everything FTI stands for.