How to: Top 10 Real ways to Fight Corruption in India

If you think I was going to suggest a fast unto ‘death’  😀 Of course not coz fasts just don’t work. But today we are going to bring to you top 10 ways you can avoid paying a bribe and take action against corruption. First up,


Top 5 ways that have worked for others and are likely to work for you:

  1. The Janagraha initiative is fast emerging out to be the ace in India’s fight against corruption. The idea is simple yet powerful and has a proven track record. The concept has also inspired many clones in China.
  2. Project Vigeye: Central Vigilance Commission started this project a while back to provide citizens easy ways to file corruption complaints.
  3. Zero Currency Note: What does the note do? It is simply a way to say No to the official demanding the bribe without fearing an encounter with them.
  4. Right to Information Act: RTI is the most powerful tool to fight corruption. Just file an RTI appeal and demand an reason for the non-compliance to your request. The government official will most probably, give you a flimsy reason which you can leverage against him by using other methods mentioned here.
  5. Hire people to Fight on your behalf at a Fraction of the cost: This is an amazing concept and i won’t tell you more about this. Just watch the video and bless the guy who came up with this idea. :)


5 Places to Complain against Government officials Online:

Government Agencies ( I wouldn’t trust them)

  1. Department of IT, Government of India Corruption Complaint Form: Form
  2. MCD online RTI submission:  Form
  3. Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances: Report a Grievance Form


Non-Government Organisations

  1. Jago Party’s Complaint Cell Link
  2. Corruption Roko: Link

If nothing else works, you could consider contacting  S P Loonker. He has done notable work towards helping people fight against corruption and is always willing to help out.

So bookmark this little handy post for future reference and spread it around so that more people can know that Corruption is beatable. You just need the right tools.


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  • Ruhi

    A nice compilation of options for citizens facing the problem… I want to add another probable option that was suggested by the chief economic adviser: Legalise bribery :) Am not personally aupportive of his view, but it is quite a thought!

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 and what next? Legalize hawala?

  • naseer ahamed

    first ask the  officer i why give money to you for what

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 True, thats the very first step :)