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Indian Post: Revamps its portal. Sets the trend for others sarkari agencies

Have you ever looked at a Indian government website. Of course you have! Let me rephrase my question. Have you ever ‘liked’ a government website? Well, they all suck!

But the good news is that Indian Post has gone ahead and broken this ‘convention’. They have developed a revamped version of their site and its is something really ‘path breaking’. For a change, not only does it not suck; it is pretty good.

Check out a preview of their portal at epostoffice.

Although, functionality wise it is not very different but the whole experience is on a whole different new level. It’s got a fresh feel and a very user friendly user interface.

Indian Post has been undergoing a makeover and it is starting to show.

They also have a twitter page with 6,300+ followers. Check out their page at Indian Post on Twitter.