myneta Know the politician you are going to vote for

Have you ever wanted to know the politician who is going to represent you in the parliament? or How educated is he? or Does he have a criminal record?

Is the person you are going to elect honest?

Now there is an answer to all your doubts. Association for Democratic Reforms has launched an initiative called MyNeta which lists all the affidavits submitted by all the candidates.

The portal lists everything about the candidate in a tabular form that you can use to make an informed choice about who to vote.

The portal also includes the list of all our elected representatives in the parliament and so you can know more about the people who promise to let your voice be heard in Delhi.

And not just that it also covers all the state assemblies and lists the state legislators too.

Also there is a  National helpline number (1-800-110-440) and a SMS facility (Send Myneta [PINCODE] to 56070)

This is a brilliant initiative to help voters make an informed decision. And certainly goes a long way in spreading the information about our netas.

What do you think? Will this work? Share your views below


UPDATE: World Bank’s blog just covered this portal and it presents some amazing facts on it’s impact on the Indian political system.

Here is the link to the world bank post: India’s Technology Transition From Software Giant to Fighting Corruption


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  • Pulkit

    Nice Article Man!! But I visited and I found that interface has been changed a it is more attractive and easy to use..can you update its screenshot !!