RTI Guide: Start changing India right now

Sakshi Trust has launched a RTI guide for improving the urban environment. If you have ever wanted to improve the urban environment but have wondered where to start. This will tell you how. This is what Sakshi Trust says about their guide.

Now you can do your bit to improve the urban environment in your city by exercising your Right to Information using Sakshi’s RTI guide. The guide contains ready-to-use applications and RTI interventions for several common urban environmental issues like:

a. Garbage Clearance

b. Urban Parks

c. Tree-Felling

d. Tree-Planting

e. Air Pollution From Factories/ DG sets of offices in residential areas

f. Sewage

g. Open Drains

h. Sewage Treatment

Download Guide

So go ahead. Change the world. Now its easier than ever.

Via Satyameva Jayate whose owner B. Shantanu has sponsored the guide.