Bengal elections 2011: We, the people have won!

I truly believe that every Indian has won today (and yes, even if you are a leftist you have won!) The reason I say this is coz something revolutionary has happened in all 3 states, the people have overwhelmingly voted for change. In these elections the vote was not for Mamta ‘didi’ or against the left, the vote was for Change and against the status quo coz, ideologically (that is if Mamta Banerjee even has one 😀 but judging from her past actions she is a left leaning ) CPI and TMC are not very different.

This is a victory for all of us who are not even from the election states coz this truly proves that democracy can work if we the people want to make it work. The left as ruled Bengal for 34 years (thats like 3 generations!) and one of the primary reasons they managed to stay in power for so long was coz of their armed party cadre ( in fact, the only major Indian party to have an official one). This was a vote against their gunda raj. The message is very clear ‘No longer shall we, the people tolerate these goons deciding our destiny’ and this makes this election truly epic. The people have voted for a Bengal ‘where the mind is without fear’ and I can safely say that the voter has ‘finally come into their own’ where they are not scared anymore and are informed enough to make their own choice.

Although, this is not something new. We say this ‘awakened voter’ trend in Bihar too and before that in Delhi and other places but what is remarkable is that it has happened in Bengal which is known for its stubborn approach to anything new, a place that still wants to live in the old and dreads the new.

On the other side of India, DMK has been thrown out of power. And almost every analyst is saying that it was coz of the corruption issue with the 2G case being the highlight. Personally I don’t really follow Tamil Nadu politics so I have no option but to go with other people’s observation. So, if this is true it just strengthens our case that people have understood the power their vote holds. And they are not voting for caste or religion anymore but real issues which affect their daily life.

I am really excited about the result coz finally the people are embracing change and this is a very significant step towards reforming our system. and breaking 34 year old chains is an inspiring feat :) There is a quote floating in my head right now by I dont know who which goes something like

“‘if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting” and I came up with my own version


If you keep voting who you have been voting for so long, you will keep getting treated like crap like you have been for so long


And looks like the people finally understood. :) Always remember, for things to improve they have to first change. And change has ushered in. Now its for Mamta ‘didi’ to ensure that it is for the better.



What do you think about it? Will she be able to set things right and get Bengal back on track? and what about Tamil Nadu? do you see things improving? Leave A comment below and let us know.

  • Ruhi

    It is definitely a victory of the people. And yes, am happy, even though I am often branded as a “leftist”. Notice that the people voted out the so called “Left” in bengal when it began indulging in severely anti-people activities. CPI(M) lost due to its heavy handed methods.
    You are right about the emergence of an awakened voter, who cares about development above caste, religion, ideology. :)
     This is indeed a victory of democracy. All the best to the new governments, may they heed the voice of the people who have given them this opportunity.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

       😀 well, you certainly sounded left the first time I saw you debating :) hence, the “left” branding

  • Amogh Jain

    It is obviously good to see a change and also the fact that people’s vote over powered 34 years of gunda raj 😀

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Yes, finally the aam admi could make it count :)

  • sai kumar mahadevan

    considering how mamata banerjee works i feel she cant bring bengal back on track, it was a vote against left not towards tmc, but anyway lets see ,any change is good , how will it work out will be known in a year or two

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      First of all sai, welcome to the blog. :) Hope you like it

      And yeah, any change is god :)

  • Ram Ayodhya Singh

     Change is Ok, but it is in India interest the Communist Parties should remain alive otherwise these so called National parties will sell India to western Countries or Corporate Gharana and them self get settle in America

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      But how does ‘national’ parties’ being evil makes the communist the good guys? If the national parties will sell India to the US, the communist have already done it to China! where is the difference.

      I am just trying to say that noone and no party in India is clean, they all will and have sold our interest as and when they could! and more importantly character has got no connection with left or right wing politics.

    • Mohini Puranik

       Ram I disagree a bit here, left is not behaving actually on their principles of communism, And they were more dangerous, about other parties, no body is trustworthy, but I believe, when it will be the situation to take decision in national interest, I think any party will proved to be better if compared to left. Otherwise all are the same! 

  • Mohini Puranik

     Hi Aditya, very well written! I totally agree with you and I am the same happy for this change in Bengal. Mamata didi will prove good or not, but an era of left is ending now and that is good for future of India. In Tamilnadu, people don’t have much options. And politics there is really crazy.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Yeah True. Atleast something will change now.