Top 22 Resources on Anna Hazare’s Fast

#Anna Hazare is buzzing all over the web. We bring you the best of the blogosphere and views from both sides of the argument. From the people who think his fast is ‘misguided’ to the people who are overwhelmingly supporting him. Here are the Top 22 blog posts, arranged according to which side of the argument they are on.

Bloggers who Approve of his method:

  1. Why is Anna Hazare’s ‘misguided’ fast important? by Dibyasundar on
  2. What Is Lokpal Bill And What Does This Mean To A Common Indian ? by Kishore on
  3. Jan Lokpal by kamal on
  4. Why I am protesting, by fasting today… by Sudhir on serious–
  5. Why Anna Hazare is right – Regarding his Hunger strike and demand for Jan Lokpal Bill Do not be fooled by Politicians or anyone by sm on
  6. Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption! Why should you care? by Aseem on
  7. I am fasting today. Are you? by Saurav on
  8. MERA NETA CHOR HAI by chetan on
  9. Anna Hazare – Voice of Young India by anurag on
  10. In the support of Anna Hazare on


Bloggers who are a bit skeptical of his method:

  1. Worrying about Anna..and some counter-intuitive stuff… by B. Shantanu on
  2. Jan Lok Pal – Caveat Emptor by realitycheck on
  3. Anna Hazare’s misguided fast on
  4. A bill to end corruption. Really? Who are we kidding? on
  5. Anna Hazare, Lokpal Bill and the Red Brigade by Ullas on
  6. Against Jan Lok Pal and the politics of hunger strikes on
  7. At the Risk of Heresy: Why I am not Celebrating with Anna Hazare by Shuddhabrata on
  8. Anna Hazare Vis-a-Vis Swami Ramdev by P. Deivamuthu on
  9. I Support Corruption :-) by Bijoy on
  10. The fast is overCorruption is dead, long live corruption by Aagan on
  11. Why Anna Hazaare did you sell out? by Sanjukta on


Bloggers who did not take a stand:

  1. ENOUGH by B. Raman on

If you wanna show support, try reading Chetan Bhagat’s blog.  He has an awesome idea on what you can do. Personally, I feel that we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on whether his idea of the bill is fool proof or whether it will work on not. The time right now is to join in the movement and support it coz, for the first time ever someone has created such huge waves in the whole system on this issue.

A sort of revolution is building up and the common man’s anger is finding an expression. It is time we join in , coz times like these are rare; times when the people have a chance to shake the rusty system and declare that we will not take any more bullshit from our leaders. It is time we make it happen. It is time we declare independence from corruption. It is time to change India. It is time. coz, the time for change is now :)

  • Sandip Sabnis

    Hey I was looking for same…..u give consolidated list that is very good….have not gone through all yet…but yes I agree to your comments and liked it….I was in the same thoughts and u gave words… :)
    posting ur link on my FB.Thanks…

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Glad that you liked it :) and thanks for sharing :)

  • Sourav Roy

    Thanks Aditya.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      No Problem. Liked your posts. looking forward to interaction with you in the future too :)

  • Adithya Ramesh

    Victory Finally.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Well, I wouldn’t call this victory. This time something big was coming, the storm was brewing but he just let it fizzle out. This could have become a real movement against the corrupt system. When has India seen such overwhelming support for a cause other than India Pak matches 😀

  • Amogh Jain

    a really nice list,very helpful,and yeah THIS is the time to change India 😀

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Glad that it was useful :)

  • Sanjukta Basu

    Would be kind of you if you listed my blog post too under, ‘bloggers who disaproved his method’
    Link to my post –

  • Aditya Kumar Nayak

    Sure! It would be an honor. and Thanks for pointing to your blog.

    Had read about you on the TED blog but I didn’t know that you were from Dwarka.
    Coincidently I go to college there :)

  • Sanjukta Basu

    You could have not posted the comment when you already listed me. Its repetitive now :)
    How did you found out I live in Dwarka, its not there on my TIMM blog is it? And I too just found the Dwarka connection from your profile. We should connect sometime and talk about social media and blogging.

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Sure :) Its on your blog. MTNL dwarka? Sure. Do let me know what would be a good time for you

  • Ruhi

    Hey nice list :)
    In my opinion, the movement endangers democracy. Do read my blog post on the issue:

  • AAryan Rao
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  • sudarshan varadhan this is my view abt the issue!

    • Aditya Kumar Nayak

       Nice post. left you a comment :)


    i am surprised to see that some people in our country thinks that they are honest but the most politician of our country are corrupted.If they think think so (Anna Hazare,Swami Agnibesh,Ramdeb baba and so on…) they should took part to our present democratic system i ,e they must be elected first and by sitting in the chair(as a PRADHAN MANTRI or any other responsible post) they should try to remove corruption.Otherwise they have to deny  the constitution of India.Responsibility must be taken on own shoulder.It not the proper way they are doing.They must be involve in our present parliamentary system then do good thing for our country.

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  • Samad ahmad

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