Unheard India: Leveraging Social media for Change

Someone once said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” And it is very true in a country like ours. Where the media is the only way information trickles down to the masses in the rural hinterlands. But the problem with the current scenario is that it puts a few media outlets in a position of unaccountable power. And you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure the importance of controlling the media, from a politicians perspective. As a result most of the outlets are easily bought by the power elite or are atleast influenced a lot by them. This poses a grave danger to an immature democracy like ours where people still think like a herd and can sell their votes for a bottle of booze.

Thankfully, in the last few years citizen journalism has started coming up. Although it is still not an alternative to the mainstream media but for people who want to get some unbiased facts, it certainly provides an option.  The only problem being the the concept has mainly been centered around the urban centers and has still not reached the countryside. But India Unheard changes all that.

IndiaUnheard is the first ever community news service launched by Video Volunteers. This new initiative is constituted of a network of community correspondents who are trained to tell unique stories; stories about their own communities; stories which are otherwise left untold. By feeding this community-produced content to national and international outlets, such as mainstream television channels and social networking sites, IndiaUnheard links rural communities with a truly global audience.

I feel that IndiaUnheard addresses a very important issue, it gives a voice to the people who where ignored by the power elite till now. Well, lets face it Indian power elite don’t really bother about the world outside a handful of urban centers. This attitude is not good for the stability of our country and steps like India Unheard will go long way in addressing the problem.

Here are some videos by them:


  • http://twitter.com/amoghjain Amogh Jain

    Really liked the idea of india unheard,news channels these days present shitty bollywood stories,this is a good initiative :)

  • http://cybernag.in/ zephyr

    Hmm, that sounds interesting. Will check it out soon :)