UPA’s Ravanlila with Baba Ramdev: How could you UPA!

Last night, in a blatant display of brutal power, the government evicted Baba from Ramlila grounds. Here is how the events unfolded.At 1 am, close to 600 policemen arrived at Ramlila Maidan to demand that the crowd of 60,000 supporters disperse. Their argument was that the gathering had been granted permission only for a yoga camp and not as a mass demonstration.

A group of policemen trooped onto the stage, reportedly after some people threw stones at them. The Baba asked them to go away. He then leapt from his stage, his saffron robes fanning out behind him, into the crowd of supporters. Seated on a follower’s shoulders, the Baba then delivered a lengthy speech, waving his fist in the air. Finally, the police managed to get to him.

Link: Women, children dragged and beaten, says Baba Ramdev after eviction from Delhi

What the hell was this! UPA this is a new low for Indian politics! Shame on you!

Make no mistake. I am still anti-Baba and like before I am anti-government. But this has shocked me more than ever. And I am afraid that if we the people dont speak out against this now, next time the power elite will not think twice before crushing any voice that opposes them.

For god’s sake. This is not China! This is India! We don’t do this here. We are a democracy!

And I must add the UPA is a bunch of cowards and losers! Who the hell treats their own people that! Attacking them at 1 AM in the night? Couldn’t you wait till the morning and have done it peacefully without creating a stampede?

Yes, I am angry and I am just writing whatever comes into my mind right now. I feel outraged, someone just raped the fabric of democracy right in public daylight and all we can do is sit at home.

Fuck you UPA! You just lost any chance of coming back to power. Your actions make hypocrites like BJP seem human. Baba is wrong and my last post was about why we should not support Baba, but this is no way to respond to it! Borrow a pair of balls and address the issue instead of misusing the power we gave you.

I am so pissed right now so won’t write anymore. Handing it over to you guys. Do leave a comment about what you think and I will add a few selected ones in the post. Over to you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FNOW2F5KYU62NDZERL5LNIAMUU pratish

    Aditya, Yup you are right..it is like a rape done to our Indian Democracy. However, me even don’t support Baba ethics, but still this is not the way that govt should show its anger against such people..

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Exactly. Thanks for the comments Pratish. :) You are right, this is no way to treat people. 

  • http://twitter.com/simple_mee Tanya Sudan

    Whoever Baba may be, I do not know, His arrest was
    disgusting and even a very bad decision too. Arresting him on grounds that he
    carried out a democratic protest instead of conducting a yoga camp??!! What a
    sorry, ridiculous and absurd excuse for taking dictatorial steps!!! I am glad
    that this resulted in Congress cowardice and dictatorial style getting exposed.
    They should have just allowed the protest to go on and it could have fizzled
    out on its own if the allegations were true. Such events make you realize that ‘democracy is the government of the powerful people, by the
    powerful people, for the powerful people!’

    I will be very glad if the Janta punishes this smug Congress
    party. After all Yeh public hai, yeh sab jaanti hai.

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Thanks for the Comment Tanya. 

      I hope so too. but I wish Yeh public sab janti, toh 60 saal se we wouldnt be getting such horrendous governments

      • http://twitter.com/simple_mee Tanya Sudan

        The public that elects the govt. comprises mainly of rural India & the people living in the nooks are concerned about their immediate benefits only (which our ‘netas’ very cleanly promise to them). What happens to the Nation because of their decision doesn’t necessarily concern them. I guess unless awareness spreads in such parts of India, we still have a long way to cover! Anyways lets hope for the best. :)

  • http://ruhisonal.wordpress.com/ Ruhi Sonal

    Welcome to Indian politics Aditya! Congress has a history of being oppressive, or why should we single out UPA/congress on this… We all know about Indira Gandhi, emergency, operation blue star, operation green hunt, who-let-the-dogs-out in Babri Masjid… operation “baba hatao” (to borrow a sick tagline from a news channel). Am not surprised, UPA got caught in its own web, again: they should’ve never given baba so much importance to begin with… and d crackdown wouldn’t have been required. Am not surprised…

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      😀 Thanks for the welcome Ruhi 😀 but just one thought. 

      Just coz it has happened before, that doesnt make it right or acceptable does it? 

      • http://ruhisonal.wordpress.com/ Ruhi Sonal

        It was unacceptable then, and is so now… am absolutely against state repression. Just that our political leaders have a history of being ruthless. And there’s no alternative in the party sitting in the opposition (and no alternative in the red flag guys either). The only hope is someone/some party which is totally untainted, and new… I can’t spot one at the moment.

        • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

          :) Don’t lose hope. Check out these guys http://www.jago.in .understated but fundamentally strong

  • http://twitter.com/Maneesh25 Manish Ghanbahadur

    Wasn’t an apt way to influence people like this. Baba himself unaware of the way about how to bring back the black money, shouldn’t create such gatherings which would result women and children been beaten up instead of serving the purpose. If at all fast from people like these(Baba & Anna) could generate so much momentum, why not people who are poverty stricken and suffer from regrettable abstention for food.   

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      “shouldn’t create such gatherings which would result women and children been beaten up instead of serving the purpose” 

      Baba can only be blamed for instigating but it can never justify the way UPA reacted. Baba is at fault but the UPA just went a notch lower. so its pathetic  vs sick. take you pick :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I understand your outrage and agree with it too.
    But consider this, the same government did sit across the table with Anna Hazare to discuss matters. I think what was different in Baba’s case was that he was a miscrenant who was fuelling the public wrath in a way which was not going to yeild any results and just destroy the stability. They may have considered that dangerous (and let’s face it: It was) and hence may have taken this step. Also don’t rule out the role of people with the ‘moolah’ who will want things to get done their way and not abolish black money with notes of 1000 Rs. :-/
    Please understand that, I am not trying to justify the government’s action; just saying it may have been necessary for them to do so in this case and all is not lost and we still have the spirit of democracy intact in us. :) (Given that you can still write this blog and it is not censored unlike in China. :P)

    • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

      Thanks for the Comment Adhokshaj. 

      Hope it never comes to that! 😀

      If the government really wanted him out, they could have done it in the morning too. Why do it in the night and cause a stampede? This could have been done in a civilized manner without any drama.

      • Anonymous

        Oh yes. The night thing was ABSOLUTELY wrong. Actually, it was cowardice. :-/

        • http://www.adityakumarnayak.com Aditya Kumar Nayak

          😀 Great so we agree on this. The way it was carried out was what really angered me so much but I just wrote the post in a flow and didn’t edit it to see if it conveyed exactly what I meant. 😀