How to: Top 10 Real ways to Fight Corruption in India

If you think I was going to suggest a fast unto ‘death’  😀 Of course not coz fasts just don’t work. But today we are going to bring to you top 10 ways you can avoid paying a bribe and take action against corruption. First up,   Top 5 ways that have worked for others… Read more »

Best way to Stop your child from becoming an Atheist

Hahaha.. Religion is a disease that we need to get rid of coz, it makes animals out of men. Just think for once, if there was no religion there would never have been any riots at godhra, in 1983 or no partition. Hatred would just vanish. I dream of such a world, and so I… Read more »

Scared to stand up to religious hooliganism? She had the courage.

Came across this brilliant video about a young Indian Muslim girl who was getting death threats for not wearing a burqa but refused to bow down and instead spoke up against this hooliganism. And I am more than convinced than ever that religion can make animals out of humans. For nearly a year, Rayana had… Read more »

China emulates India’s to fight Corruption

Sometime back I had written about this brilliant initiative by Jaanagraha called i Paid a You can read it here: Uncover the Market Price of Corruption. Here is a brief Intro about them from their own page. is an initiative to tackle corruption by tapping into the collective energy of citizens, to tackle corruption…. Read more »

5 lessons Bloggers can Learn from Baba Ramdev

You can love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him. We all have different views on Baba but one thing we can all give Baba credit for is his marketing. He has been extremely successful when it comes to establishing his brand and selling it to the masses. Well, if you dont believe me (which… Read more »

Unheard India: Leveraging Social media for Change

Someone once said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” And it is very true in a country like ours. Where the media is the only way information trickles down to the masses in the rural hinterlands. But the problem with the current scenario is that it puts a few media outlets in a position of… Read more »

UPA’s Ravanlila with Baba Ramdev: How could you UPA!

Last night, in a blatant display of brutal power, the government evicted Baba from Ramlila grounds. Here is how the events unfolded.At 1 am, close to 600 policemen arrived at Ramlila Maidan to demand that the crowd of 60,000 supporters disperse. Their argument was that the gathering had been granted permission only for a yoga… Read more »

3 Reasons to stop Supporting Baba Ramdev right now!

I have been debating about this issue the whole day on indiblogger, facebook and almost everywhere. So I thought it is best to just clarify my stand here and debate at one place.   So, what is my problem with this selfless baba who wants to rid India of Corruption and bring back all the… Read more »

Bit Coin P2P: Hawala goes Digital and gets Faster

Bit Coin is a new revolutionary currency system which runs on the P2P (peer to peer) concept. This implies that there is no central authority controlling it and it is decentralized to the level that every node (i.e every computer on the network) plays a very significant role as a block. This ensures that transaction fees are… Read more »

Bengal elections 2011: We, the people have won!

I truly believe that every Indian has won today (and yes, even if you are a leftist you have won!) The reason I say this is coz something revolutionary has happened in all 3 states, the people have overwhelmingly voted for change. In these elections the vote was not for Mamta ‘didi’ or against the… Read more »