Anil Gupta: the Grassroots Innovations Hunter

Someone had once said that India is the land of innovations. and I thought really? We have been the world’s back office for so long that it is all that we are known for. And not to mention the kind of talent our universities churn out every year. Where is the innovation happening? But hold… Read more »

Top 22 Resources on Anna Hazare’s Fast

#Anna Hazare is buzzing all over the web. We bring you the best of the blogosphere and views from both sides of the argument. From the people who think his fast is ‘misguided’ to the people who are overwhelmingly supporting him. Here are the Top 22 blog posts, arranged according to which side of the… Read more »

Freedom Team of India: Your chance to make a real difference

Have you always wanted to do some real action to change India? Have you ever wanted to clean politics? Are you a liberal? Well, here is your change to make a real difference to the system. The Freedom Team of India. The Freedom Team of India was started in 2009. Here is how they describe… Read more » Know the politician you are going to vote for

Have you ever wanted to know the politician who is going to represent you in the parliament? or How educated is he? or Does he have a criminal record? Is the person you are going to elect honest? Now there is an answer to all your doubts. Association for Democratic Reforms has launched an initiative… Read more »

RTI Guide: Start changing India right now

Sakshi Trust has launched a RTI guide for improving the urban environment. If you have ever wanted to improve the urban environment but have wondered where to start. This will tell you how. This is what Sakshi Trust says about their guide. Now you can do your bit to improve the urban environment in your… Read more »

I Paid a Bribe: Uncover the market price of Corruption is a place where you can find a solution to the problems of corruption. Earlier, I had written about How to Fight Corruption in India Successfully. But that goes through the CVC, and if you are someone like me who isn’t really fond of the state or you have more faith in ‘people power’,… Read more »

Project VigEye: How to Fight Corruption in India Successfully

Corruption is the one single largest problem plaguing our economy. There have been many efforts to curb corruption but without much effect. And its primarily coz either we are too afraid to blow the whistle, fearing for our lives or we are just not ready for the cumbersome ‘honest’ route. Another major problem is of redressal. But… Read more »

How to start a movement in under 3 minutes

Ever wondered why are some movements successful and why others fail? Why do some leaders become successful while others fade away? Derek Sivers demystifies the process of creating successful movements in this video. A movement has 3 main components: 1. The Leader: The guy with the new idea. ‘A man with a new idea is… Read more »

The Politics of Inclusiveness: Taking it too far?

Inclusiveness for the Aam Admi: the slogan has won many votes and built many political fortunes. Inclusive growth has been a focus area of our policy making ever since we gained independence and very rightly so. The 9% GPD boom is a boon only if its benefits trickle down to the lower sections of the… Read more »