The Art of Making Choices: the Indian Context

The art of making choices is not something that a lot of us practice, we don’t usually think about why do we make the choices that we do. Sheena Iyengar tries to explain the choices that we make. There is apparently a reason behind all our choices and she says that our culture or the… Read more »

Follow your Childhood Dreams: Dr. Randy Pausch #Last Lecture

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” –Randy Pausch There are some things so powerful that they change the very way you look at life. This has been mine. And by the time this was done, my eyes were numb. Let me give you a brief introduction to… Read more »

God says: I didn’t create Religion. What do you think?

God did not create religion. Religion is certainly not a way to reach god. I had talked about this at length in a previous post of mine called Yeah, Religion is the Opium of People so, I’ll not start about it here. We don’t need religions. Religions are like fake touts who promise us a… Read more »

Epic Browser: Starting a culture of Innovation in India

Epic Browser! It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard the name before. The hype surrounding it has been huge with some even calling it the ‘national browser’! Well, there still might be some lost souls who don’t know what I am talking about. So here is a brief introduction Epic browser is the first ever… Read more »

Is Delhi ashamed of itself? CWG 2010. It’s kinda fishy

What is more important; what are you in your own eyes or how the world looks at you? I agree that both are important but what’s MORE important. I believe that it is how YOU look at yourself that matters more. But how does Delhi look at itself? A city of the new millennia or… Read more »

A Student’s guide to IIIT D

For the past few days I have been getting quite few queries from students who are looking at IIITD for their undergrad studies. I hope this post makes it easier for all the admission seekers to make the right choice. I can only talk about their B.Tech. program coz that’s the one that I am… Read more »

The classic Indian Islam debate you should see. (from NDTV)

There was this great debate on Barkha Dutt’s We the People on ‘Stereotyping of Indian Muslims’. You should definitely watch this one if you haven’t already. The panelists are 1. Shah Rukh Khan, Actor 2. Zakir Naik, Muslim Preacher 3. Alque Padamse, Adman and Legend! 4. Kabir Khan, Director of New York 5. Soha Ali… Read more »

Sikhs rebuild a partition era Mosque. Shocked?

Khushwant Singh has written a article in today’s Hindustan Times mentioning an incident in a village in Punjab. The Sikhs of the village decided to rebuild the mosque that was destroyed during the partition. On the front page of Syed Shahabuddin’s weekly The Milli Shahabuddin’s weekly The Milli Gazette there was a news item written… Read more »

Yeah! Religion is the opium of people.

Religion is Addiction Perhaps one of the very few things that Marx got right is about religion. Religion is the opium of people. People are just addicted to it without realizing that its not benefiting them in anyway. Religion is not Culture From the day we are born, we are forced into a faith which is usually… Read more »

Why are people so logically disabled?

I don’t mean to glorify open mindedness but I am just rather sick of being cast into one one bracket or another. Why should something only be right or wrong. It’s not only others who stereotype us, we tend to do it to ourselves and then pass it on to others. Right form the day… Read more »