Why is gapping looked down upon in India?

Gapping after high school or dropping as its more commonly called isn’t really a new concept in India. People have been doing for a really long time but for reasons other than personal growth. The craze of IIT’s is so huge that people gap and year and just prepare for JEE (The IIT entrance exam)…. Read more »

Lets face it. Caste is a reality.

Initially I was undecided about the issue of Government including Caste data in the Census but as I heard more and more of the debates around the issue, I became convinced that it is important if not vital that we do this asap. I dont say this coz I care about Caste equations and other… Read more »

Kasab is getting hanged? What’s the point?

Kasab is getting hanged? I mean why? Didn’t he come to India on a suicide mission? And we are just giving him what he came for? And the media and everyone else is touting this has the victory of the Indian Judiciary? Arrey, how? You are just giving him what he came in here for,… Read more »

The identity of an Indian. Gen Y

This is in continuation to the debate I had with my friends from twitter Shivam and Aagan on Who is an Indian? Who is an Indian? or Lets say can we define How Indian you or me are? For long, our society has segregated people into Desi and Firangi. The concept is so deeply engraved… Read more »

You can now argue in Hindi in High Courts! Yeah!

JUSTICE REKHA Sharma should be complimented for initiating a new era in Delhi High Court when the judge allowed a lawyer to argue in national language Hindi. It is indeed a matter of shame that national language Hindi is not the language of High Court in national capital of free India, that too when Delhi… Read more »

In Your face! Mr. Religious fanatic

“The Haj Committee should be given three-years’ subsidy at one time as seed capital and the subsidy stopped after that,” Manzoor Alam, Muslim Personal Law Board member and Milli Council chief, said. The government has been trying to end the Haj subsidy for a long time. But finally some members of the Muslim community looked… Read more »

Do the Poor have the Government to blame?

This is in part prompted by a short debate I had with Prateek on the post about Foreign universities in India I have always believed that It is nor your fault if you are born poor but it is your fault if you do nothing to change it. This is only if you are given… Read more »

It’s Sania’s life! Lets let her be.

At first, I thought that the whole media hype over Sania’s marriage announcement with Shoab Malik was just another of Indian media’s lame ‘sansani’ stuff. But, what really puzzles me is why is everyone else getting outraged over it? Just Check out the twitter buzz around Sania’s and you’ll understand the level of madness around… Read more »

Its time to make history: Indian Ocean Band

There are three kinds of people in this world. The first ones are those who haven’t heard Indian Ocean. And the second are their fans. There are no third ones coz You can’t listen to them and not be their fans. The music is just amazing. But is that just it? The legends called Indian… Read more »

Foreign Universities in India? Yeah, lets do this

The Foreign Education Bill, 2020 has been cleared by the Union Cabinet. In Short, it is now theoretically possible to go to Harvard right here in Delhi. International institutions are now allowed to set up shop in India. I think this is the best thing that could ever happen to our education system. and here… Read more »