Google’s move out of China. The Right thing to do

As Google moved out of China and started routing their .cn website through Hong Kong, Chinese authorities stepped in and blocked all the controversial search results, as expected While Beijing hasn’t budged on the issue of self-censorship, Google remain committed to standing on their principles. If you were wondering as to what was the connection… Read more »

Muslim law board to oppose any Anti-Shariat law!

In a shocking development, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) resolved on Friday evening to oppose any court verdict that goes against the tenets of the Islamic Shariat Law. The brief just basically says that if the Indian laws don’t agree with Islamic laws, the Muslim board along with all its followers (which… Read more »

Don’t block the Internet Hindus: Proud and Unapologetic

CLARIFICATION : I don’t see any need for religion in our lives. I am against religions and still stand by that. The idea of this post is just to shed light on what I feel should be the future of Hinduism ( I like to call it Hinduism 2.0 😀 ). In fact, this kind… Read more »

I Stand for Real Empowerment of Women. Not Quotas

At least this is the lone Mp in the Rajya Sabha who voted against the bill wants us to believe. This post is dedicated to the only man who voted against the Bill in the 186-1 result. The man is Sharad Joshi of Swatantra Bharat Paksh. Although, a lot of people have been opposed to… Read more »

6 Reasons why the women’s reservation bill is a step backwards

Women’s reservation bill; The much hyped answer to all problems of equality that women have faced in governance. It has been doing the rounds for 13 years, and finally it is set to become a law. The UPA Government wants to pass it by March 8th – as a gift to the country on Internal… Read more »

Is discrimination against peace loving Muslims justified? Yes, I say

Ever since, time started getting classified as pre 9/11 and post 9/11 Muslims have been facing discrimination of various degrees. Islam and Muslims have been looked through a lens of suspicion and fear. Anyone wearing the white Islamic cap and with a beard is viewed as a terrorist. But do I blame the people. Nope…. Read more »

Aman Ki Asha : A historic blunder?

If you are one of those who dont know what this is, here is a short bio about this. Aman Ki Asha : The Indo-Pak Peace project is an initiative by TOI and another Pak newspaper to connect the people of the two countries and make way for better relations. But this is what their… Read more »

GrassRoutes: Road trips for Social Change

Has it ever happened to you that everything you thought you would ever want to do if you were given a platform, came true. For me it did! or at least the opportunity exists. In the form of GrassRoutes This blog post is specially for backpackers and all the seekers of the unknown, out there…. Read more »

Jaago Re: Recognizing the Rise of Indianism

Today’s post is about something very close to my heart which is the Importance of Youth in a Nation’s growth path. But this time I am viewing from the marketing world’s point of view. But before I start off, do you remember a campaign by TATA Tea called Jaago Re? Chances are that you do…. Read more »

Solving Climate Change the Free Market Way

I saw a report in HT yesterday, which got me thinking about climate change economics. Here is an excerpt from it: In a move that would significantly slash air pollution levels in the city, the Delhi government has decided to shut all its coal-fired power plants over the next four years and replace them with… Read more »