To Litter or Not to Litter? Do whatever but Dont Preach us!

Today’s post is about… yeah you guessed it right ..LITTERING! .. now that wasnt hard was it? :). Well, its basically about the lack of basic public amenities in Delhi like dustbins or even toilets. How many times has this happened to you that when you ate lets say an ice cream or used anything… Read more »

Eve Teasing and why everyone is suffering coz of it

PS: This post is written from a guy point of view, so all ladies out there please feel free to modify it as you read. As I had promised in my previous post, here is the follow up. Meanwhile, after my previous post, I got a lot of interesting feedback. A lot of appreciation along… Read more »

Why Not Telengana – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Telangana issue has been a hot topic these days and the blogosphere is buzzing with the T word. Here is an excerpt from HT which sums up the whole thing. Responding finally to an 11-day long hunger strike by Telengana  Rashtra Samiti (TRS) leader K. Chandrasekhar Rao, demanding a separate state, and street protests… Read more »

1984 and 26/11 – Memories that define Today’s India

The last month has a very eventful past, filled with events that changed us forever and have definitely shaped our present. The two most important ones being the 1984 riots and the 2008 Mumbai Attacks (26/11). These were the times when the nation shook from its slumber and woke up to a new shocking reality…. Read more »

Vande Mataram, Indian Islam and fatwas– What’s the deal?

DISCLAIMER : I don’t really understand Islam or religions in general for that matter. Therefore, it is not right for me to comment on a particular religion and I am not going to. If I have hurt anyone’s feelings through the post I would like you to know that it was never intentional and I… Read more »

No Class 10 boards boards? Thank you Mr.Sibal

I am back to one of the topic which is very close to my heart – Education in India The government on Monday announced that it will introduce grading system in all Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools and make Class X board exams optional from coming academic year (2010-11). Union Human Resource Development… Read more »

Darjeeling Bans Holding Hands! Where are we heading?

I have talked about the Indian sex revolution in one of previous post and talked about how one side of India is opening up to the idea of as sex being ‘natural’ and ‘normal’. While, on the other hand there is one part of India which is very hostile and apprehensive about change. This part… Read more »

100 days of UPA 2.0 – 100 crore Dreams

The first 100 days of The UPA 2.0 Government have been filled with many ups and downs. These are not normal times but nor was the election verdict. The only reason why most of us gave Manmohan Singh a second go at our nation was coz we believed in him. It is time to see… Read more »

Indian Sex Revolution – From Myth To Reality

A few years back two teenagers from Delhi, both from a reputed school made headlines for unusually spicy reasons. A 17 something guy had secretly filmed his 16 something girlfriend in an act which is still taboo in our society, the three letter word SEX. The resulting videos which made their way on the web… Read more »