5 reasons why I, as a youth of this nation will not vote BJP

Indian politics is so dirty that most of us, the young don’t want to get into it. It is not that without reason that our people complain. There is no party worth supporting or even voting for. Every election we pick the least bad one and hope that they do something for us but what… Read more »

Our Tryst With Destiny – Independence Day Special

Today is our Independence day. It was exactly this day way back in 1947 that our forefathers made a tryst with their destiny. They made a choice that we as a generation can now feel the effects of and can analyse as to what went wrong and what was right. Before we move on, it… Read more »

At 18 – legally adult but barely legal in India

I have always been told that you can do what you want after 18 but not before coz I am a kid till then and suddenly I will grow up on my 18th B’day. I am 17 now and will be 18 in a few months and have been going through this dilemma of sorts…. Read more »

4 good enough Reasons to go ahead with the Nuke Deal

The Indo- US Nuke deal, the much debate topic in the Indian circles. So much so that for once every one forgot Rakhi Sawant and shifted focus to the deal! Now, It is alive and kicking again and all thanks to our PM. But although there has been a lot of talking on it but… Read more »